Who The Hell is Hamish? – A Teacher’s Pet True Crime Podcast Sequel

Of all the fields ploughed by the podcasting medium in its relatively short history, true crime has proven to be by far the most fertile – when people stick those buds in their ears, apparently what they like most is to be reminded in exquisite detail of how dreadful human beings can be to each other.

And this is a cow that podcasters have clearly yet to stop milking, as we see from the news that The Australian has launched a follow-up series to The Teacher’s Pet, the podcast that investigated the disappearance of Lynette Dawson in the Eighties.

The new podcast is titled Who The Hell Is Hamish, but is not a terrifying dive into the psyche of Andy Lee. Instead, it looks at the scourge of white-collar crime, and specifically that committed by Hamish McLaren, who pleaded guilty last year in Sydney to 18 counts of fraud, totalling over $7 million.

Presented by the Weekend Australian’s Greg Bearup, the series will follow McLaren’s wicked ways, as well as scrutinise the Australian legal system’s leniency towards white-collar criminals.

Whether it will be as successful as Teacher’s Pet, which captivated a nation and earned journalist Hedley Thomas a Walkley, time will tell, though if it isn’t, maybe that will prove the point it’s trying to make.

Whoa. Meta.