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Van Heusen Broken Suiting 2023

Broken Suiting: The Art of Recession-Proof Style

Gents, it’s time you cracked the code to maximum style and savings. In these uncertain times, it’s essential to make smart fashion choices that not only make you look like a million bucks but also keep your wallet happy. Broken suiting is the art of mismatching a suit, offering you the ultimate in wearability, versatility, and cost-effectiveness. We will break down step by step how to master the broken suiting trend so you can save on coin, not class.

Van Heusen Broken Suiting 2023
Image: Van Heusen

Let’s start with the magic word: wearability. With broken suiting, you can truly maximise the potential of every suit hanging in your closet: no more limited occasions or one-time wears. By deconstructing your traditional suits and mixing and matching their components, you create a myriad of fresh, stylish outfits that work for various occasions. It’s all about staying on top of the game without constantly splurging on new suits.

Now, let’s talk about the true superhero of broken suiting: cost-effectiveness. In these financially challenging times, saving money without sacrificing style is crucial. With broken suiting, you can make your hard-earned dollars stretch further and instead of buying multiple suits for different occasions, you can invest in staple pieces and mix them creatively. Simply put, by reimagining your suits, you breathe new life into them and save a significant amount of money in the process.

Van Heusen Broken Suiting 2023
Image: Van Heusen

Step-by-Step Guide to Broken Suiting

Unlocking the world of broken suiting opens up a realm of endless fashion possibilities. But before you embark on a sartorial adventure, it’s essential to familiarise yourself with a few crucial steps that will serve as your guiding light. To provide you with expert advice, we lent on our friends at Van Heusen, the OG Australian suiting brand. Together, we developed a comprehensive step-by-step process that will empower you to effortlessly turn heads and exude confidence.

Step 1: Foundation

To start, building a solid foundation is key. Begin with staple pieces in versatile colours like navy, grey, white, and brown. A navy trouser, for example, serves as an excellent base, allowing for endless smart casual outfit combinations. Pieces such as this will serve as the building blocks upon which you can gradually expand and experiment.

Pro Tip: Lewis Unterrheiner, Head Of Sales & Buying for Van Heusen says that while selecting the right garments is important, tailoring should not be overlooked. He adds: “Tailoring ensures that the lines are clean, the proportions are balanced, and the overall silhouette which is bespoke to you”. Similarly, we feel it’s the secret weapon that can elevate your broken suiting game to new heights.

Step 2: Texture

Texture is another element that can take your outfit to the next level. Incorporating different textures creates visual interest and depth. As we are in the cooler months, consider pairing a rugged textured blazer with smooth sateen trousers, layered with an elevated knit polo shirt. This interplay of textures adds intrigue to your ensemble, catching the attention of onlookers.

Van Heusen Broken Suiting 2023
Image: Van Heusen

Step 3: Mastering Patterns

Pattern mastery is a skill that can set you apart from the crowd. Integrating patterns thoughtfully into your look requires considering their scale and compatibility. For instance, Unterrheiner suggests you can pair a subtle floral shirt with a light-coloured puppy tooth patterned blazer and accentuate the solid colours in your outfit with a paisley pocket square. The artful mixing of patterns can create a striking visual impact that will differentiate the most basic of outfits.

Step 4: Accessorise

Accessories are the final brushstrokes that complete a sartorial masterpiece. They allow you to express your personality while complementing the colours and patterns of your look. When choosing accessories, Unterrheiner recommends opting for ties, pocket squares, and belts that “reflect who you are” and what you’re trying to achieve based on the occasion.

Van Heusen Broken Suiting 2023
Image: Van Heusen

The art of broken suiting for men allows you to break free from the traditional confines of a complete suit, enabling you to create a style that is truly unique to you. Now equipped with this newfound knowledge, venture forth and unleash your stylish prowess while keeping your finances intact. The era of recession-proof dressing has arrived, and you can be at the forefront. Save your money for a few more drinks at the bar, right?

If you’re eager and searching for a destination to fulfil all your broken suiting needs, look no further than Van Heusen’s stores or website. Both provide a one-stop-shop experience to help you achieve the desired look.