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Karl Malone’s ‘Dream Team’ Collection Has Game Worn and Signed Pieces From Every Player

Described by the auction house as the best sports memorabilia collection per piece in the world, NBA Hall of Famer Karl Malone is parting ways with his infamous ‘Dream Team’ collection, as featured in Netflix’s King of Collectibles: The Goldin Touch.

The collection features game-worn and signed sneakers and jerseys from every member of the team, and while the auction is currently ongoing, Ken Goldin says the collection is estimated to be worth $10-20 Million.

In an episode of the Complex Sneakers Podcast, Ken Goldin said this is “The greatest collection per piece that has ever existed on this planet has to be the Karl Malone Dream Team collection. The guy has every game used jersey from all 12 members of the dream team, and he’s got everyone’s sneakers.”

With two weeks remaining in the auction, the signed and game-worn Michael Jordan jersey has received 19 bids and surpassed the $1 million mark ($AUD), while the signed sneakers are hovering above the $100,000 mark, with plenty of time to go if they’re to beat Michael Jordan’s 1998 NBA Finals ‘The Last Dance’ game-worn and signed Air Jordan XIIIs that recently fetched $2.2 million.

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Karl malone dream team collection with rings
Dream Team | Image: Supplied

Karl Malone’s ‘Dream Team’ Collection Auction Items

Check out the full list of items currently for auction as part of the collection.

Interestingly, every very piece is personally signed ‘To Karl’, something that would typically devalue sports memorabilia. However, because this is shared from one Dream Team member to another, it has the potential to add value. Our favourite piece has to be the signed and worn Michael Jordan jersey but we’re also suckers for anything Larry Bird or Magic Johnson.

You can check out the full collection via the auction link below, through May 24.

Shop at Goldin Auctions

Karl malone dream team collection
Michael Jordan dream team jersey | Image: Supplied
Michael jordan dream team dunk
Michael Jordan wearing the sneakers and jersey | Image: Supplied

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