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Ryan Reynolds in 'Deadpool' | Image: 20th Century Studios

Here’s Your Chance to Buy Ryan Reynolds’ Head

They’ve finally put a price on Ryan Reynolds’ head. Ok, so it’s not his actual head, but let’s not talk semantics. Thanks to Bonhams’ upcoming Hollywood: Then and Now auction on 6 June, Deadpool fans can shoot their wad on a production-used head from the superhero’s first film appearance in the 2009 non-Marvel Cinematic Universe movie X-Men Origins: Wolverine.

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Ryan Reynolds' head cast from 'Deadpool' | Image: Bonham's

Ryan Reynolds’ head cast from ‘Deadpool’ | Image: Bonham’s

The hyper-realistic Ryan Reynolds’ FX head is a production paint master character maquette created from the actor’s life cast that was used in production to ensure consistency in makeup application and the general look of the character. This poor man’s iteration of Wade Wilson’s Deadpool had no mouth, a lame decision by the producers, who thought his wisecracking persona wasn’t appropriate for the film. Thankfully Reynolds would have the chance to rectify the mistake.

Seven years later, in 2016’s Deadpool, which introduced the character as we love and know him today–to the tune of USD$782.8M worldwide. Deadpool 2 followed two years later, raising the bar and making a few million more than its predecessor (USD$785.8M). The baller prop is estimated at USD$1,500-$2,500 and let’s face it, this is going to look great on the old mantel.

Battle axe from 'Gladiator' | Image: Bonham's

Battle axe from ‘Gladiator’ | Image: Bonham’s

It’s just one of the hundreds of lots up for sale in an auction that features screen-used props, costumes, and scripts from some of the biggest franchises over the last 50 years. Other sale highlights include Draco Malfoy’s Nimbus 2001 racing broom from Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets (estimated at $70K–90K USD), Clint Eastwood’s stunt revolver from The Outlaw Josey Wales (estimated at $15K–25K USD), and Tom Cruise’s prop watch from the first Mission Impossible ($2K–$4K USD).

There are also a ton of badass prop weapons, including a barbarian battle axe from Gladiator, an Irish gang stunt axe from Gangs of New York, and Sam Worthington’s lightning sword from Clash of the Titans. You’ll even find Marvel legend Stan Lee’s screen-worn ‘Hot Dog Vendor’ costume from his first Marvel cameo in 2000’s X-Men. Excelsior!

Sam Worthington’s lightning sword from 'Clash of the Titans' | Image: Bonham's

Sam Worthington’s lightning sword from ‘Clash of the Titans’ | Image: Bonham’s

‘Frenemies’ Ryan Reynolds and Hugh Jackman are finally reuniting on the big screen for the highly anticipated Deadpool 3. Lately, Hugh Jackman has been seen getting jacked in the gym, eating an insane 8,000-some calories a day to get into Wolverine shape for the shoot.

A few months ago, in a conversation at the Just For Laughs comedy festival in London, Reynolds responded to an audience question about working with the Aussie legend, saying, “Everyone’s expecting me to eviscerate Hugh Jackman but I will say he was one of the first movie stars I ever worked with, back in 2007, on an absolute trash fire called X-Men Origins: Wolverine – that one was on him,”

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