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Louis vuitton malle golf trunk

$190,000 Louis Vuitton Malle Golf Trunk Won’t Fix Your Putting Skills

Off the back of their 2023 Rugby World Cup Trophy Case, Louis Vuitton is targeting another sport with their brand of trunk fashion for the world of golf. Priced at AUD$190,000 (USD$129,000) the Louis Vuitton Malle Golf trunk is a pricey piece of LV history that harkens back to the Parisian luggage of the 1850s; a 57-inch beauty with enough room for your entire 18-hole arsenal, from clubs to balls, tees and gloves. It’s even got its own putting matt for practice between drives on the green.

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Louis vuitton golf malle trunk closed

Louis Vuitton Malle Golf Trunk | Image: Supplied

The new Malle Golf, part of LV’s Art of Living collection, is based on the atelier’s vintage Wardrobe trunk and marries the classic monogram print with traditional gold-toned hardware, alongside double leather handles, making hauling or stowing in compartments a breeze.

“Imagined for professional golf players as well as golf lovers,” say’s the product listing. However, we have to question who would seriously use this as a piece of golfing equipment, maybe Drake? “The Malle Golf perfectly combines the elegance of a historical ‘Wardrobe’ with modernity and playfulness,” it continues.

Following a similar mantra of bringing everything with you, the Malle Golf trunk, which rises about five feet tall, contains a variety of drawers and compartments for your golf equipment and is upholstered in fine microfiber that feels comfortable to the touch. On one side, there are 14 slots for your beloved clubs; on the other, there are four drawers for your clothing and a specific compartment for 18 golf balls. The centrepiece, of course, is the improvised putting green. The carpet emerges from the trunk’s base, leading to a built-in cup.

Louis vuitton golf malle trunk open

Louis Vuitton Malle Golf Trunk | Image: Supplied

There’s just one catch. The trunk is sold without the contents, with each item invoiced separately, you’ll need A LOT of extra dosh.

  • 14 x Golf clubs
  • 18 x Balls
  • 1 x Flag
  • 2 x Towels
  • 2 x Golf kits with three balls
  • 4 x Tees each
  • 3 x Club covers

But if golf isn’t your thing, maybe spend your money on another unique piece of baggage through the Louis Vuitton My Creation programme. Approximately 300 to 350 bespoke commissions are created annually, with each trunk handcrafted using the same processes Vuitton pioneered with his first masterpieces. And since a chest takes four to six months to create, you’ll have plenty of time to practise explaining the bill shock to the missus.

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Louis vuitton golf malle trunk putting green

Louis Vuitton Malle Golf Trunk | Image: Supplied

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