Say ‘Eff You’ in Conor McGregor’s Famous Suit

If a designer were to custom make a suit for Irish MMA superstar Conor McGregor to strut around in between fights and wear to press conferences, it should look stylish and well-cut, but also do something as provocative as the man it is being designed for. How about the words “Fuck You” in small enough typeface to create pinstripes from afar? Sounds perfect. So this is exactly what David August has done with his limited edition ‘Eff You’ Pinstripe 3-Piece Wool Suit that is made to measure and fits like a glove.

mcgregor famous suit back side

While, as mentioned, the suit was designed for the infamous fighter, David August will be releasing a limited number of them to the buying public—be they McGregor fans or just fans of suits that turn the heads of those with a discerning eye. The couture label suits are designed with exclusively woven Super 130’s wool in navy twill. Each 3-piece also has French facing construction, stacked ‘kissing’ buttons on each sleeve cuff, purple camouflage silk lining, 1/16 inch hand-stitched detailing, a two-button side-vent jacket, and a vest that is available as single or double breasted. Each suit will be numbered as well, since this is a limited edition, proving you purchased one of the authentic ‘Eff You’ suits and not a possible knock-out, er, off.

mcgregor famous suit hand in the pocket

It will be the perfect outfit to wear to the upcoming , much-hyped Conor McGregor versus Floyd Mayweather fight at the end of August of this year—assuming McGregor comes out victorious, of course.

Check it out

mcgregor famous suit best fitting quality

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