Redken brews is like beer for your hair and skin

Redken Brews is Like Beer for Your Hair and Skin

Fashion-forward haircare brand Redken is harnessing the awesome power of malt to launch Redken Brews: an ‘intoxicating’ collection of beer-inspired formulas for hair colour and styling, beards and skincare.

Traditionally, malt adds the colour and character to a brew. Within Redken Brews, the malt delivers enhanced hydration, strength and nourishment to your hair.

“Redken Brews stays true to Redken’s NYC heritage and mission by delivering trendsetting products and services that respond to the modern man’s haircare, styling, beard and skin needs,” says Erwin Santos, General Manager, Redken.

“Fifty years ago, Redken launched one of the first professional grooming lines for men, and since that time the brand has continued to provide styling inspiration and innovation to new generations.”

Redken Brews haircare and skincare products

Image: Facebook

Redken Brews comprises 23 solutions across styling, hair care, colour, and skincare, each providing unique benefits to the hair, skin and scalp. Just as you choose a beer for its taste, there’s also a Redken Brew that celebrates your unique style.

The Redken Brews haircare range is packaged in beer-inspired bottles, made from 100% recycled plastic. The collection is available exclusively from Redken consultant salons Australia-wide. Be sure to follow Redken Brews’ Instagram feed for grooming trends, inspiration and quick tips.

Here’s the collection:

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3-in-1 Shampoo, Conditioner and Body Wash 300ML | $28.95

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Silver Shampoo 300ML | $28.95

Wax Pomade 100ML | $32.50

Clay Pomade 100ML | $32.50

Maneuver Cream Pomade 100ML | $32.50

Outplay Texture Pomade 100ML | $32.50

Grip Tight Holding Gel 150ML | $32.50

Work hard Moulding Paste 100ML | $32.50

Dishevel Fiber Cream 100ML | $32.50

Hairspray for Men 200ML | $32.50

Get Groomed Finishing Cream 150ML | $32.50

Shave Cream 150ML | $35.95

Beard and Skin Oil 30ML | $35.95

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Redken Brews hairstyle and beard side view

Image: Redken

Hair and Beard treated with Redken Brews

Image: Redken

A beard and longer hair treated with Redken Brews

Image: Redken

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