Nike Adapt BB: Self-Lacing Sneaker Tech In a New Basketball Release

With self-driving cars already terrorising our roads, coffee machines that make a cappuccino from whole bean to chocolate sprinkles at the touch of a single button the norm, and just about every other thing you can imagine being available at the utterance of two single words, “Hey, Alexa”, it was always simply a matter of time before somebody came along and though it was time we buggered off shoelaces and made the damn things tie themselves..

nike adapt bb self lacing sneaker tech back

Due to be released (in the US) on the 17th of February, Nike has one-upped itself in terms of making a concept a reality, and announced its latest footwear offering: The Nike Adapt BB.

Using a system they’ve creatively named “FootAdapt”, a series of gears and cogs figures out how much tension your foot requires to stay comfy in your kickers, and adjusts the shoe accordingly. Like all good things in 2019, it’s all controlled by an app, which not only allows you to set the perfect level of tightness, also lets you change the colours of lights which adorn the Adapt BB, because apparently we’re all eight years old again.

You can also check their battery via the app, and update the firmware of the high-tech trainers. Setting include a warmup mode, and there’s also reports of an ability to adjust the settings, to suit different moments of the game when you’re shooting hoops.

The Nike Adapt BBs are charged by a “charging pad”, which comes in the box.

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