Nike Ensures Proper Fit with Digital Foot Measurement Tool

Paying all the money in the world for the best-built shoes doesn’t mean much when you’re wearing shoes that don’t fit properly. According to shoe giant Nike, three out of every five people are likely wearing the wrong size shoe. That ends up meaning that half a million people in North America complain about buying the wrong shoe size every year.

Nike is fixing that problem with Nike Fit, a digital foot measurement tool.

digital foot measurement

The old way of measuring your feet for shoes involved an antiquated ruler that was based on a barley corn kernel. Nike Fit is based on a scanner that uses computer vision, data science, machine learning, artificial intelligence, and recommendation algorithms to get you the right shoe size and fit.

The scanner comes as a part of Nike’s app. Using your smartphone’s camera, the scanner measures out your feet, gathering 13 data points as it maps the morphology of both of your feet. That scan gets stored in your NikePlus member profile so that you have it at a moment’s notice whether you’re online or in the store. For even better results, Nike stores have a specially developed mat that you can use with the scanner for a better image.

Nike Fit Digital Foot measurement tool

The better your fit, the better your performance regardless of the activity. And why not ensure that your investment into shoes is worth the price?

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