This Nike Neymar Jr. Signature Football Boot was “Written in the Stars”

Nike has partnered with Brazilian superstar Neymar Jr. to unveil Neymar’s first signature edition football boot the Neymar Jr. “Written In The Stars” Mercurial Vapor.

nike neymar jr signature football boot outlook

The new boot is a storied take on the classic Mercurial Vapor silhouette. It comes in vibrant Blue Orbit and Volt colouring inspired by the Brazilian flag and amplified by a Southern Cross constellation graphic. The boot also features various nods to Neymar’s career highlights, two with the Brazil national team. First, his debut goal against the United States on August 10, 2010, when he was just 18 years old. And second, last summer’s triumph in the Olympics — acknowledged via reference to Maracana Stadium.

nike neymar jr signature football boot insole

References to Neymar Jr.’s family also appear. 11.03.96 references the birthdate of his beloved little sister, Rafaella. 24.08.11 signifies the birth date of Neymar Jr.’s son, David Lucca. Neymar Jr.’s birth date, 02.05.92 is on the boot as well, as is his top speed, 34.7 KM/H. The dotted geographical figures on the boot mimic maps of Barcelona and Brazil, respectively.

I grew up wearing Mercurial as a kid, so it’s like a dream to have my story on this boot,” says Neymar Jr. “It means a lot that it’s not just about me, but my family and the moments I shared with great teammates on the pitch.”

Check it out

nike neymar jr signature football boot wearing foot

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