Nike Reveals the New Air Max 720

At long last, Nike has unveiled the newest member of its Air Max family: the Air Max 720. More than a killer kick, the athletic lifestyle sneaker is the first model to include a full-length airbag, which cradles the foot all the way around. Thanks to that extra cushion, the new Air Max 720 offers glorious all-day comfort and some serious bounce, to say the least. It also hosts the tallest heel in Air Max history and an inspired overall aesthetic. In other words, this silhouette has it all.

nike air max 720 cushion

Helping pave the way toward a sustainable future and business model alike, the Nike Air Max 720 contains over 75% of recycled materials. As for the name 720, it makes reference to the fact that the air cushion is visible in 360 degrees from both the horizontal and vertical perspective. Speaking of the air cushion, it delivers a nimble, cosy feel, and more spring than any previous Air Max sneaker.

Nike has the absolute best resources at its disposal, and serves up the best athletic sneakers as a result. Naturally, the Air Max 720 is no exception to the rule. In fact, it just might be the brand’s most buoyant, long-lasting, and comfortable creation yet.

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