R.M. Williams is Offering $150 Off When You Trade in Your Old Boots

A good pair of boots should last you 5+ years at least. Especially if the boots you’re wearing are a pair of R.M. Williams. It’s this quality craftsmanship that helps to justify the exorbitant price tag when you do go shopping for your next pair.

Lucky for you, anyone in need of some new wheels can score a huge $150 off their next pair of R.M. Williams boots when they bring in their old ‘worn but worthy’ leather boots. Any brand of boot is eligible, all you’ve got to do is take them into your nearest store and let the boot experts inspect them to see if they to see if they’re ‘worthy’ of a replacement. If your boots have clocked up enough k’s and cut the cheese with the experts, you’re in for a boot fitting and up to $150 off your brand new pair of R.M’s.

Trading in an old pair of R.M. Williams boots will see you get the full hog of $150 off your next pair, while an inferior brand of boots – looking at you Clarks – will get you only a $100 off.

Now, it’s understandable if you’re concerned about the future of your much loved traded in boots. After a long couple years together, typified by spilt rumbos and sticky pub floors, you and your boots have a special bond. Rest assured, every forfeited R.M. will be given a second life, restored and resold. All the others will be upcycled and resold as part of the World’s Biggest Garage Sale.

The R.M. Williams Trade-In Boots offer is only available until October 25th and is only availble at R.M. Williams flagships and David Jones participating stores.

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