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choosing a wedding suit

Top Tips for Choosing A Wedding Suit

Let’s get one thing straight: when it comes to weddings, it’s all about the bride. From rehearsals to reception, she’s the star of the show and we’re fine with that. However, just because you’ve left the bachelor’s life behind you, it doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t look sharp on your big day. Leading jewelry specialist Purely Diamonds give us their top tips for choosing your wedding suit.

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Make it Your Own Suit – Don’t Rent

Given you’re only going to be wearing it for an hour or so, you’d be forgiven for being tempted to rent a smart little number for the day. But you aren’t about to attend your first school prom, and a rented wedding suit never fits properly anyway. Bear in mind that a nice fitting piece will always look a million dollars – even against the most expensive of ill-fitting ones.

Lose the Corporate Look

Remember you’re getting married, not giving a rundown of the important figures to the board. While the big day is 90% about her, feel good and suit up in something original and tailored to you as opposed to a rental as we discussed, or a throwback from a city boardroom. Our top tip here is that you opt for a striking, black three-piece wedding suit – and don’t be afraid of the price tag – it’ll definitely pay off in the end.

It’s all in the Fabric

While a tailor’s magic will only go so far, your wedding suit needs to be made from a fine fabric if you’re to avoid that slouchy and shapeless look – what you want is weighty wool if you want to hold that shape.

Pick Something You Would Wear Again

While it’s easy for us to preach that you need to break the bank to make that statement on your big day, an impressive wedding suit doesn’t come cheap – hence it stands to reason that you should pick something you can step out in again and again. Avoid anything twee or OTT – such as having your partner’s initials embroidered and so on. You’ll make much more of an impact with a quality cut rather than fancy add-ons.

Is it a Summer Wedding? Go Lighter…

Light grays are fairly quintessential – you can’t really go wrong with a grey wedding suit – plus it compliments most skin tones. We recommend you avoid navy as well – opt for a more mid or grey-blue because this will give you a fresher look

Consider your Footwear Carefully…

Stay away from the stereotypical ‘brogue-y’ look – unless it’s a country set wedding. We would recommend simpler, elegant shoes, particularly if you are going to be wearing a dinner suit or something a little more conventional.

James Congdon is an experienced lifestyle and male fashion writer who specializes in wedding accessories ad high-end men’s jewelry.

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