Bausele and Scott Marsh Unveil the Art of Time…Piece

Aussie watchmaker Bausele has collaborated with Scott Marsh, the man who took 100k from Kanye West for a bold new watch collection featuring a floral design inspired by the grand King Protea flowering plant.

“I was looking to work with an Australian artist, and as soon as I met Scott, I knew he was the one,” says Christophe Hoppe, Founder, Bausele. “Scott is such an inspiring person and a nice guy. And I love what he’s doing as an artist.”

Each watch in the ‘Noosa’ Collection features Scott’s floral design and like all Bausele watches, possess a quality Swiss movement, sapphire glass, and a surgical grade 316 stainless steel case.

bausele and scott marsh unveil watch gold color

Bausele watches are distinct. They have an oversized hollow crown, containing a tiny piece of Australia. Past collections have included sand grains from Bondi Beach and red earth from the Kimberley. The Noosa Collection crowns contain crushed gravel from one of the railway yards that Marsh frequented in his youth, tagging trains.

“The watch tells my journey from graffiti to artist,” says Scott Marsh. “I’m really happy with the result; it’s super-cool.”

Marsh says he initially tried painting directly onto the watch face. “It just didn’t work out, because of the thickness of the paint. So, we decided instead to use one of my original floral works as inspiration and create a high-resolution 3D print.”

The Noosa Range will launch at Koi Yoga Studio in Potts Point on Thursday, April 5th. Everyone who arrives between 6pm and 9pm goes into a draw to win a watch. There will also be 10 Scott Marsh prints available for purchase. Bundle a watch with a print for $700. Or a watch only for $550.

bausele and scott marsh unveil watch black color

The Noosa collection is limited to only 100 timepieces; 50 of them in black, and 50 in 18-carat rose gold. The case is also etched with Marsh’s signature and the unique edition number.

At the launch, Marsh will also be showcasing his new body of work titled ‘Bouquet’ a collection of large floral paintings that inspired the watch design. “These will be completely new paintings I’ve created especially for the occasion,” he says.

In other watch news, Hublot unveils its first smartwatch, and Mr Porter is selling a one-of-a-kind Bell & Ross sapphire timepiece for $622k.

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bausele and scott marsh unveil watch black side

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