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25 Best Gifts for Watch Lovers

Watch lovers tend to know what they want and purchase it as soon as they can afford it. Between that and the outrageous price points of certain world-renowned timepieces, we know better than to stuff our gift guide full of rare models that no one will buy. Instead, we present a modest selection of affordable watches along with a boatload of horologically-themed gifts, including winders, storage boxes, accessories, books, clocks, and more. Anyone who loves watches will love each one, so make like a sweeping second hand and get moving!

Best Watch Gifts at a Glance:

Nomos copy
Nomos Glashütte Club Sport Neomatik 39 in Tabac | Image: Nomos Glashütte

Nomos Glashütte Club Sport Neomatik 39 in Tabac

When it comes to German watchmaking, NOMOS Glashütte is easily one of the best names in the game. The Saxon legends took inspiration from the deep gold colours of fall when dressing this minimalist in the respective shades of tabac, ember, and smoke. More than wristwear, it becomes a palpable extension of your ensemble and, therefore, a visible representation of your unique style and personality. 

Under the skin is NOMOS neomatic caliber DUW 3001, an in-house movement with its own developped escapement, the NOMOS Swing System. Bring it all together and you’re looking at a masterpiece of performance and design, and an ideal gift for any modern watch collector. 

Price: AUD$4,780

Seiko copy
Seiko SPB429J (Whitehaven Limited Edition) | Image: Seiko

Seiko SPB429J (Whitehaven Limited Edition)

Recently debuted by Seiko Australia, the Prospex Australasian Exclusive SPB429J takes direct inspiration from the beloved beaches of the Whitsundays. Behold its stunning gradation dial, which comes alive in the sun like turquoise water beneath an expansive blue sky. Other details such as the gold seconds hand and green accent on the bezel help round out the visual theme, conjuring the sun-kissed shores and native bushland of Australia’s beautiful coastline. 

As part of the Prospex collection, this 45mm watch is adventure-ready and uber-precise by design. It runs on Calibre 6R35 and offers water resistance up to 200 meters, with sapphire glass protection and a case of high-grade stainless steel. A stainless steel strap comes as standard but the brand includes two additional straps of silicone in the beach-themed colours of white or blue. This one’s limited to just 1000 pieces and worth every cent of its $1800 price tag. Strap up and get swept away.

Price: AUD$1,800 

Longines 1 copy
Longines x Otis Hope Carey NATO Strap | Image: Longines

Longines x Otis Hope Carey NATO Strap

Swiss luxury watchmaker Longines teamed up with Australian Indigenous artist Otis Hope Carey for this special collection of NATO watch straps. Each of the four iterations features a bespoke design and thereby doubles as a work of art unto itself. Pair one with an exemplary HydroConquest GMT and people won’t know where to look first.

When bringing each strap to life, Carey drew upon both his unique heritage and his spiritual connection to the ocean. The results are unlike any we’ve ever seen in their brilliant fusion of artistic form and enduring functionality. It finds Longines and Carey exploring a shared passion for craftsmanship and history as they collectively forge into the future. If you know someone with a HydroConquest GMT, then you’ve just found them the perfect gift. 

Price: AUD$299

Samssung copy
Samsung Galaxy Watch6 Classic | Image: Samsung

Samsung Galaxy Watch6 Classic

Samsung’s Galaxy Watch6 Classic is back and better than ever, with a timeless design and fan-favourite rotating bezel. The slim and stylish wristwear offers smoother and faster interactions by way of an upgraded processor and increased memory capacity. While smart under the skin, it also takes design cues from iconic dive watches to deliver the best of two horological worlds. 

The Galaxy Watch6 Classic was created with all types of uses in mind but is particularly helpful in the fitness realm. Fully loaded with holistic health offerings, it proves a vital resource in the journey toward better habits and lifestyle choices. Throw in the ultra-thin design and enhanced visuals and you’re not just optimising your health, but looking downright sleek in the process.

Price: AUD$749

Watches guide copy
Watches: A Guide by Hondinkee | Image: Hondinkee

Watches: A Guide by Hondinkee

Watch hub Hondinkee is one of the foremost authorities on all things horology, making this book a must-have for any passionate collector. Authored by founder Ben Clymer, it touches down on some of history’s most iconic pieces and categories, complete with expert insight and glorious visuals.

Price: AUD$234.76

Watch winder copy
WOLF Cub Double Watch Winder | Image: WOLF

WOLF Cub Double Watch Winder

A masterpiece of performance and design, WOLF’s Cub Double Watch Winder uses a patented innovation to count the precise number of rotations. It also offers a variety of customisable settings along with built-in storage for up to six pieces. No less impressive is the considered architecture of the vessel itself, which delivers seamless interplay between assorted textures, colours, and materials. Anyone who loves mechanical watches will surely love this.

Price: AUD$1,275

Gshock copy
G-SHOCK DW5600BB-1D | Image: G-SHOCK


Vintage style meets durable construction on this mighty G-SHOCK, which comes loaded with functional features and a luminous digital display. True to form, it’s shock-resistant and also water-resistant up to 200 metres. Give it your worst!

Price: AUD$239

Octon Watches Havsörnen - Moss Green Watch with Moss Green 2 Piece Fabric Zulu Strap | Image: Octon Watches Havsörnen
Octon Watches Havsörnen – Moss Green Watch with Moss Green 2 Piece Fabric Zulu Strap | Image: Octon Watches Havsörnen

Octon Watches Havsörnen – Moss Green Watch with Moss Green 2 Piece Fabric Zulu Strap

This rugged minimalist watch delivers the benchmarks of a mechanical classic—including hand-wound automatic movement—for a fraction of the traditional price. Additional features include scratch-resistant sapphire crystal protection with anti-reflective coating, Swiss lume treatment on the dial, a case of 316L surgical-grade stainless steel, and water resistance to an impressive 300 metres. All that and more for less than $400 is what we like to call an absolute steal.

Price: AUD$517

Anicorn The Space Watch - Jet Silver | Image: Anicorn
Anicorn The Space Watch – Jet Silver | Image: Anicorn

Anicorn The Space Watch – Jet Silver

‘Father of the NASA Design Program’ Richard Danne whipped up this radical stunner as a tribute to his long-standing relationship with NASA. It uses pointed visual detail to render an exacting impression and runs on Miyota 9015 automatic movement. The Jet Silver Edition is limited to just 150 pieces so get one before it’s gone.

Price: AUD$1,568

Assouline Rolex: The Impossible Collection Hardcover Book | Image: Mr Porter
Assouline Rolex: The Impossible Collection Hardcover Book | Image: Mr Porter

Assouline Rolex: The Impossible Collection Hardcover Book

A must-have for any watch lover’s library, this hardcover book traces the rich and influential history of Rolex. Epic photos and illuminating anecdotes bring the saga to life while touching down on some of the world’s most legendary timepieces.

Price: AUD$1,822

Rapport London Formula Carbon Six Watch Winder | Image: Saks Fifth Avenue
Rapport London Formula Carbon Six Watch Winder | Image: Saks Fifth Avenue

Rapport London Formula Carbon Six Watch Winder

Rapport London’s Watch Winder comes forged from high-grade carbon fibre with an LED control panel, interior lighting, and a lockable glass door that puts each prized piece on display. Oh, and did we mention it also winds watches? A distinguished collector would accept nothing less.

Price: AUD$4,106

MB&F Desk Clocks | Image: MB&F
MB&F Desk Clocks | Image: MB&F

MB&F Desk Clocks

You’re favourite watch lover might think he has everything, but he doesn’t have one of these mind-bending clocks. Each one is designed by MB&F and then crafted by a unique Swiss Manufacture, resulting in some of the most creative timekeeping we’ve ever seen. Choose between models such as the futuristic Orb, the Starfleet Explorer (pictured above), or the robot-like T-REX, to name just a few examples.

Price: Starfleet Explorer $AUD20,272

Untitled design 66
Making Time Art by Julie Kraulis | Image: Julie Kraulis

Making Time Art by Julie Kraulis

Watches are basically works of art unto themselves and artist Julie Kraulis is doubling down on the concept. Behold her collection of brilliant graphite drawings, which shine a light on the artistry of watchmaking while offering their own respective visual allure.

Price: From $300

Lorenzi Milano Watch Repair Kit | Image: Mr Porter
Lorenzi Milano Watch Repair Kit | Image: Mr Porter

Lorenzi Milano Watch Repair Kit

Are you a true master of your horological domain? Prove as much by picking up this ultra-premium watch repair kit from Lorenzi Milano. Presented within a plush case of brown leather are the following high-grade essentials: magnifying lens, watch knife, tweezers, watch tools, screwdrivers, and brush.

Price: USD$670

A Man & His Watch: Iconic Watches and Stories from the Men Who Wore Them | Image: Amazon
A Man & His Watch: Iconic Watches and Stories from the Men Who Wore Them | Image: Amazon

A Man & His Watch: Iconic Watches and Stories from the Men Who Wore Them

This acclaimed bestseller chronicles the extraordinary relationship between legendary figures and the timepieces they wore. From Paul Newman and his iconic Rolex Daytona to JFK’s Omega and more, it will enrapture history buffs and watch lovers alike.

Price: AUD$53.87

Swatch x OMEGA Bioceramic MoonSwatch 'Mission to Mercury' | Image: Swatch
Swatch x OMEGA Bioceramic MoonSwatch ‘Mission to Mercury’ | Image: Swatch

Swatch x OMEGA Bioceramic MoonSwatch ‘Mission to Mercury’

Two distinct legacies become one with this mega-popular collaboration between Swatch and OMEGA. Forged from sustainable bioceramic (a blend of ceramic and bio-sourced material), each model pays respective homage to a different entity of our vast solar system.

Price: AUD$415

Montblanc HODINKEE x Montblanc M Rollerball Pen | Image: Montblanc HODINKEE
Montblanc M Rollerball Pen | Image: Watch Warehouse

Montblanc M Rollerball Pen

Luxury watch lovers can purchase this creation crafted by Aussie designer Marc Newson and luxury brand Montblanc to offer this one-of-a-kind rollerball pen. Whenever you close the pen, it uses a built-in magnet to perfectly align the cap with the Montblanc logo at the base. That’s just one among a slew of superlative details and features lying in wait for lucky owners, at least some of whom will wisely keep the pen as an investment.

Price: AUD$513

Double Watch Stand | Image: Amazon
Double Watch Stand | Image: Amazon

Double Watch Stand

This elegant stand accommodates every single watch brand and places two leather holding pads atop a base of sturdy marble. An ideal gift for watch lovers, it brings out the artistic qualities of their favourite timepieces by putting those very same pieces on luxurious display.

Price: AUD$183.78

FHH Trivial Pursuit: Fine Watchmaking | Image: Hodinkee
FHH Trivial Pursuit: Fine Watchmaking | Image: Hodinkee

FHH Trivial Pursuit: Fine Watchmaking

Put your knowledge to the test by playing this watch-themed version of the classic board game Trivial Pursuit. The Fondation de la Haute Horlogerie itself created 330 questions across multiple categories of fine watchmaking and who better to challenge your (supposed) expertise? Tasteful details such as Roman numerals on the dice and illustrated movement components drive home the motif.

Price: USD$36

Batmobile Desk Clock | Image: Kross x Studio
Batmobile Desk Clock | Image: Kross x Studio

Batmobile Desk Clock

Don’t be fooled by the comic book theme as this collectible desk clock has been engineered with a ludicrous degree of precision. Modelled after the original Batmobile from Tim Burton’s 1989 classic, it renders painstaking detail and runs on a complex movement with a 30-day power reserve. A high-grade protective coating and actual moving parts are also part of the limited edition package. This thing costs more than an actual car and yet somehow it’s still worth it.

Price: AUD$49,750

Alligator Watch Strap | Image: Hodinkee
Alligator Watch Strap | Image: Hodinkee

Alligator Watch Strap

The finishing touch on your favourite dress watch, this authentic alligator strap also makes for an elegant visual statement on its own. Choose between a variety of sizes and colours and expect it to last for now and generations to come.

Price: USD$225

Untitled design 77
AHW Studio Crown & Stem Cufflinks | Image: AHW

We adore these distinctive cufflinks of sterling silver and the watch lover in your life will too. Each one features a vintage 1940s mechanical movement at the base along with a handmade toggle in the mould of a watch crown and stem. This is quite literally how one might wear his passion on his sleeve.

Price: AUD$271

Untitled design 75
Maison Des Montres Watch Cleaning Kit | Image: Maison Des Montres

Maison Des Montres Watch Cleaning Kit

A coveted collection is a clean collection, as any true horological lover is likely to know. Enter this high-quality cleaning kit, which was exclusively crafted to keep your precious metal or stainless steel watches in spotless condition.

Price: AUD$101

The Everest Watch Box | Image: The Everest
The Everest Watch Box | Image: The Everest

The Everest Watch Box

With its matte-lacquered wooden exterior and soft microfiber pillows, this weighted watch box gives your rare pieces a luxury home of their own. It comes to us from premier Swiss watch box maker Everest and holds room for up to four pieces, with a push button at the side for easy opening and a scratch-resistant felt base. In a word: yes.

Price: USD$575

Baume copy
Baume & Mercier Riviera Chrono | Image: Baume & Mercier

Baume & Mercier Riviera Chrono

Baume & Mercier’s iconic Riviera hasn’t lost an iota of its signature allure since being first introduced back in 1973. This latest iteration forges an alliance between titanium and gold tones and takes the form of a stealthy 43mm chrono. A modern reinterpretation perhaps, but it also bears the enduring hallmarks that continue to define the range. And so the past and future collide to render one heck of a bold impression.

With its slim lines and dodecagonal bezel, the new Riviera Chrono carries forth a unique and decade-spanning design language. However, there’s no mistaking this instant classic as anything but a modern timepiece. Dressed in slate grey with a sun-satin dial, grey flange, gold-tone hands, day-and-date apertures, gold accents, blue Superluminova treatment, steel screws, and exhibition caseback, it’s everything a collector could want out of an elegant sport watch, and thus an absolutely perfect gift. 

Price: AUD$6,750

Things to Consider for Watch Gifts

When it comes to watch gift ideas, simply wrapping a bow on a new Rolex isn’t quite enough (although we’d all love that). In fact, if you want to get the special occasion right, there are a few things you need to consider:

  • Price: Perhaps the most obvious consideration, the price will inevitably play a factor in your purchasing decision. While you may want to splash out for a significant birthday or gifting event, more often than not, you’ll be aiming around the $50-$100 mark for most gifts. In the watch world, however, gifts don’t exactly come cheap. To get the most out of your gift idea, don’t be afraid to shop around for the best price.
  • Brands: Watch lovers are notoriously brand loyal, so before you set off and buy your special someone a new accessory, make sure it fits their aesthetic. Buy an OMEGA man a TAG Heuer keychain and he may never speak to you again.

Alternatives to Watch Gifts

If you are looking for something a little more specific, we’ve got you covered. Outside of just watch gift ideas, we’ve collated our favourite releases across a number of different categories. So, no matter what that special someone in your life is keen on, you’ll find it here.

How Man of Many Chose the Best Watch Gift Ideas

With more than 10 years of experience testing, reviewing and reporting on the best timepieces in the business, Man of Many’s editors are sticklers for research and certainly know a thing or two about watches. This list of gift ideas was curated through the personal experience of experts, alongside extensive online research from watch stores and retailers. Each product on this list was checked by the Man of Many staff prior to publication for the official tick of approval. You can review our editorial policy here surrounding how we maintain our independence in our editorial reviews.

Watch Gift Ideas FAQs

What does it mean if someone gifts you a watch?

A common gift, watches are generally seen as a symbol of long-standing reliability. For this reason, you may receive one from a colleague or boss in recognition of a long tenure at the company, or similarly, from a friend you trust and values you. The idea is to show the recipient that you honour their commitment and want to be present in their life for years to come.

Do guys like watches as gifts?

While most men will appreciate a watch as a gift, it is important to note that watches, much like clothing, are subject to personal taste. The idea of gifting a watch is a thoughtful gesture, however, it is critical that you nail their style and aesthetic. Try to match their current look or ask them about what they would buy if they had the chance.