Bremont’s Endurance Chronograph Honors Shacketon’s Expeditions

The Bremont Endurance Chronograph honors the heroic story of one of Shacketon’s most famous expeditions. Shackleton has led over 12 expeditions in the polar regions, covering more than 7,000km in both the Arctic and Antarctic circles. During the course of one of those expeditions, Shackleton’s ship, the “Endurance,” was crushed in the ice. Shackleton had to rescue his entire crew. If you’re going to name that watch after a nearly deadly expedition, then that watch needs to live up to the company maxim of “Tested Beyond Endurance.” That testing has lived up to any expectations, having been worn by Ben Saunders during his 52 day Trans-Antarctica Solo Expedition—each day wearing the watch outside of his jacket and submitting it to one of the most hostile environments on the face of the earth.

bremont endurance water resistance

The Endurance has a black dial that features bi-directional rotating sapphire bezel features with orange compass heading markers, which come in handy with the device’s GMT hand. It’s no wonder that Saunders relied on the watch as a navigational tool. The Endurance is a modified caliber 11 ¼ inch BE-93-2AE automatic chronometer with 21 jewels. The case is satin and polished titanium, and the crystal is domed, anti-reflective, and scratch-resistant sapphire.

bremont endurance watch hands

The watch was designed and manufactured with feedback from Saunders, who based his requests on his experiences reaching the South Pole. Having survived such an arduous journey, this is definitely a watch you can rely on to get you through your daily commute.

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bremont endurance watch side design

bremont endurance watch back side

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