Hublot for The Rake Aerofusion Chronograph ‘Molon Labe’ is All Kinds of Awesome

If you’ve seen the movie 300, then you know all about Leonidas and his Spartan soldiers, who represented one of the strongest armies in world history. Playing no small role in their considerable superiority was bronze, the impenetrable metal that adorned their weaponry and armour. Meanwhile, today’s most resilient metal is titanium, which is used frequently by both the military and aerospace industries. Culling from these respective wells, Hublot crafted the Aerofusion Chronograph ‘Molon Labe’ for men’s lifestyle magazine The Rake, and the results are downright spectacular.

hublot the rake aerofusion chronograph molon labe

True to its aim, the Aerofusion Chronograph ‘Molon Labe’ straddles two respective worlds–the classical and modern–by weaving titanium and bronze to stunning effect. Specifically, the watch hosts a 45mm case of micro-blasted titanium, and black-brushed bronze bezel. That’s joined by a skeletonised dial, which hosts plated 18K yellow gold indices and hands, and displays the watch’s HUB1155 automatic chronograph movement in all its glory. Sealing the deal is either a black rubber or brown calf leather strap.

hublot the rake aerofusion chronograph case back

Limited to a mere 25 units, the Aerofusion Chronograph ‘Molon Labe’ costs about $18,000 USD. Should you have the cash to spare, head on over to The Rake, and prepare to slap some serious power around your wrist, with the resin lugs and polished titanium screws to show for it.

Check it out

hublot the rake aerofusion chronograph leather strap

hublot the rake aerofusion chronograph crown

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