The Jackson from Oak & Oscar is a Chronograph that Will Stop Everything for a Moment

When it comes to watches, it often comes down to subtle design that really makes the stylish and classy ones stand apart from all the rest. It’s the little things, like colour of the sub-dials, the minute and hour hands, the face of the watch itself – what type of metal is it made from and how does that look with the leather band they chose? All of these things must come together to create a great men’s wristwatch in this day and age, which is why when you find one like The Jackson, from Oak & Oscar, it’s a fine investment in your own style and class.

oak and oscar jackson watch hands

A 40mm hand wound flyback chronograph, The Jackson is Swiss-made and has a 60 hour power reserve with a specialized movement that utilizes a stacked register. This allows tracking of both elapsed minutes and hours on the watch, along with a color-matched data wheel. In other words, not does have good looks, but there’s also brilliance inside this fine product from Oak & Oscar as well. What’s more, with each purchase of The Jackson, you’ll also receive a leather watch wallet co-designed by Chase and Dustin, founders of Woodnsteel. There’s enough room for three watches in there as well, meaning you’ll be able to protect other watches in your collection—or you’ll have room to expand it.

Check it out

oak and oscar jackson watch structure

oak and oscar jackson watch orange strap

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