Score 5 TAG Heuer Monaco’s in an Exclusive Limited Edition Set

TAG Heuer’s Monaco watches have been a favourite among collectors for 50 years now. Celebrities, including Steve McQueen who wore a Monaco in the 1971 film Le Mans, and racing fans alike have relied on these masterful timepieces. To mark the anniversary, TAG Heuer is releasing Monaco Exclusive Limited Edition Set that includes five of their limited edition Monacos all gathered together in one impressive collection.

Tag Heuer Monaco back view limited edition

The TAG Heuer Monaco Exclusive Limited Edition Set includes a watch from each decade of the Monaco’s history. Each watch is an automatic timepiece and is individually serialized and engraved. The watches are powered by a Calibre 11 movement, and have a 40 hour power reserve. The Calibre 11 movement is a modern version of the original movement used for the 1969 Monaco. The watches each have a different color and style that represent the trends of the decade that they are from. The square cases measure 39mm by 39mm and are made of fine-brushed and polished steel and have a sapphire crystal. The watch is water resistant up to 100 meters. The watches all features a date window at six o’clock as well as sub dials at three and nine. Each watch will have 169 examples made, but only 50 of the collections will be produced. Each collection comes in a commemorative box that proudly displays the watches, and keeps them secure when not worn. The TAG Heuer Monaco Exclusive Limited Edition Set is priced to sell at $39,950. The individual watches are all sold out, so if you have your eye on any—or all—of these watches, you’ll have to pick up the collection, and that’s not necessarily a bad thing. Fans of high quality watches, and specifically fans of the Monaco, will be delighted to have this limited edition set.

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Tag Heuer Monaco back view limited edition Tag Heuer Monaco strap Tag Heuer Monaco in box