Swatch Drops Limited Edition Watches for Mickey’s 90th

November 18th was Mickey Mouse’s 90th birthday. The senior citizen celebrated his resilience with special edition Swatch watches with designs by British artist Damien Hirst.

The first of the watches is Mirror Spot Mickey, and it’s limited to 19,999 pieces. This design plays with larger spots and portrays the iconic mouse against a mirrored background on the bracelet and the dial. There’s more to discover on the reverse side with Damien Hirst’s signature wishing a happy birthday to the true original animated star. This watch is priced at $170.

swatch mickey mouse watch

“Mickey is such a global icon, a perfect match to the smart and irreverent side of Damien Hirst, as well as Swatch,” says Carlo Giordanetti, the Swatch Creative Director.

“Mickey is forever young, always on the run and a symbol of friendship and positive thinking. Like Swatch, maybe….”

swatch limited mickey mouse watch

The second Swatch Spot Mickey was available for just 24 hours exclusively through Swatch online. This design features the famous mouse on its dial and is framed with his signature colours on the bracelet. It was limited to just 1,999 pieces. You better believe it’s long gone.

In other Mickey Mouse news, Beats by Dre. Celebrated the 90th anniversary with special edition Beats Solo3 wireless headphones.

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limited edition swatch front side

mickey mouse watch design mickey mouse watch box

artist damien hirst

Artist Damien Hirst