TAG Heuer Gives the Iconic Aquaracer a Carbon Makeover

TAG Heuer has always been synonymous with the best of form and function, and this month, the brand is cranking both dials all the way up. Available exclusively through TAG Heuer boutiques are three new Aquaracer models, each one hosting upgraded carbon construction and a downright rugged aesthetic. Indeed, the ultimate diver’s watch has become all the more extreme, delivering maximum style, comfort, and durability in equal measure. Your urban arsenal simply isn’t complete without one.

tag heuer carbon aquaracer series yellow

Each model in the Carbon Aquaracer series is distinguished from its counterparts by way of either red, blue or yellow accents. Furthermore, no two watches–even those of the same colourway–are exactly alike. Specifically, the high-temperature injections of carbon fibre lead to random patterns within the black and grey marbling.

tag heuer carbon aquaracer series red

Housing the carbon bezel on each model is a 41mm black PVD-covered titanium case. Featured on the dial is an imitation carbon effect, which infuses a black profile with elegant hints of colour, while driving home the timepiece’s rugged aesthetic. Thanks to the carbon construction, the watch is tremendously light on the wrist, but nevertheless resilient. Speaking of resilient, every Carbon Aquaracer is waterproof to 300m and joined by a sturdy black textile strap.

tag heuer bamford monaco

Since TAG Heuer is rarely up to just one thing, the brand has also released a new Monaco Bamford. Introduced at Baselworld earlier this year, the watch represents the first mass-produced collaboration between TAG Heuer and Bamford Watch Department. In addition to a solid carbon case, the latest Monaco hosts a striking black dial with aqua blue chronometers. For the best in sporty style, look no further.

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tag heuer carbon aquaracer series blue

tag heuer two men laughing

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