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The Power Watch Uses Your Body Heat to Charge Itself

If you’re one of those people that just runs hot, then Power Watch is for you. This innovative watch runs of off your body heat—finally, a good thing about being hot.

Power Watch Charges

Power Watch uses technology from MATRIX, a company “at the forefront of thermoelectric innovation.” The watch works by using changes in temperature to create electricity. It may sound like science fiction, but the technology has actually been around for almost 200 years. The challenge has been that in order for it to work, you need extreme temperatures.

The Power Watch gets around this by using components that require less power and materials that react to heat by creating electric voltage. As your body temperature rises and falls, say when you’re working out and then recovering, the watch is able to use that temperature change to power itself up. So, just by wearing the watch, you’re ensuring that you never have to charge it. Plus, it has solar charging capability as well.

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The Power Watch comes fully loaded with features as well. It has a full-colour display and a rugged design. It can count your calorie expenditure and track your activities. It also features GPS location tracking. Wear it while you’re out and about and it will monitor your heart rate, or keep it on when it’s time for bed and it will track your sleep as well. With a 200m water resistance, you can wear it regardless of the activity you’re involved in.

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The Power Watch comes in three varieties. The basic model is priced at USD$499. For another USD$100 you can get the premium version. The Luxe version is set at USD$699. For a watch that you’ll never have to charge, that’s a pretty good deal.

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Power Watch Charges off your body heat