H. Moser & Cie Pioneer Dual Window Perpetual Calendar watch

The Wind Up – Watch News #115

Another week down, another round-up of all the latest watches in The Wind Up. In this week’s instalment we have new pieces from H. Moser & Cie, Panerai and Parmigiani Fleurier. So, as always gents, sit back and enjoy!

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Parmigiani Fleurier Tonda 1950 Lune

Featuring an expansive slate grey dial or a mother of pearl dial, the new  Tonda 1950 Lune from Parmigiani Fleurier is a beautiful fair of romanticism in watchmaking. Both models feature a classical lunar calendar displaying the Earth’s two hemispheres. The asymmetrical nature of the dial brings about a very appealing harmony. The slate grey dial version features a rose gold case, while the mother of pearl dial variant also has a rose gold case, but instead of a smooth bezel its is lined with diamonds. One for you, one for her. Only fair, right?

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Panerai Luminor Due

Panerai has introduced a whopping six new Luminor Due models, in keeping with the new modern direction of the brand. For the first time, consumers will have access to a 38mm Luminor Due in titanium. Another first, the 42mm model is now available in a titanium case with an automatic movement. And in yet another first, the Luminor Due GMT Power Reserve 45mm is Panerai’s first such sized watch to feature an interchangeable strap with Quick Release system. Definitely something for everyone here.

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H. Moser & Cie Pioneer Dual Window Perpetual Calendar

Instead of indicating the month of the year via a small hand located in the central stack, H. Moser & Cie has reconfigured the Pioneer Dual Window Perpetual Calendar to display the month and the date in two separate windows at 3 o’clock. Available in a stainless steel case measuring 42.80mm across and with either a burgundy fume or Funky Blue fume dial (with the blue variant looking the more sporty of the two), I think it’s safe to say that Moser definitely has the ability to reinvent itself at what seems like a moment’s notice.

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MB&F L’Epee 1830 T-Rex Clock

Drawing inspiration from an ornament found of Max Busser’s desk, the L’Epee 1830 T-Rex Clock stands 265mm in height and weighs just about 2kg. Interestingly enough, the legs of the L’Epee 1830 T-Rex Clock were based on the actual legs of T-Rex bones (derived from 3D scans). The L’Epee 1830 T-Rex Clock features an 8-day movement that is wound and set by a special key fitted through the centre of the dial. Super cool!

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G-Shock “Extra Thin” GA-2100 Carbon Core Guard

Measuring a measly (for a G-Shock) 11.80mm in height, the new “Extra Thin” GA-2100 Carbon Core Guard features an analog display for some of its functions, while the rest retain the usual digital/electronic derivatives. You may be thinking that at 11.80mm in height, the “Extra Thin” GA-2100 Carbon Core Guard may have lost the usual G-Shock presence, but at 45.40mm in diameter, there is still enough real estate to make some noise. Available in a variety of colours, the “Extra Thin” GA-2100 Carbon Core Guard is the perfect G-Shock for those that don’t like the typical high-profile look of the other models.

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Omega Aqua Terra Ultra Light

At an eye-watering $48,600USD (or about $72,200AUD), the announcement of the new Aqua Terra Ultra Light did draw some warranted negativity. To price what is essentially a stock-standard Aqua Terra in these unprecedented price ranges is odd. But there could be some justification to its price. It’s light. At 55 grams and made out of Gamma Titanium, the Aqua Terra Ultra Light is just that: light. There’s no date — less wight. There’s a push-in push-out crown. And there’s a new movement made out of titanium, resistant to 15,000 gauss and carrying a Master Chronometer certification. While this is touted to be a regular production model, I have a funny feeling that a lot of the new tech inside the Aqua Terra Ultra Light will trickle down to the more affordable models through Omega’s family of watches. Give it time.

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