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The Wind Up – Watch News #113

In the next instalment of our weekly round up series focusing on the best new watch releases in the industry, The Wind Up, we have some amazing pieces from manufacturers like Panerai, Doxa, Chopard, as well as something remembering the past from Tudor. Sit back and enjoy gents!

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Panerai Submersible Goldtech 42

I’ve long been a fan of Panerai and while some may find its iconic style overused, I like the consistency throughout its collections. The Submersible Goldtech 42 is the latest beast to come out of the Panerai manufacture. Measuring 42mm across and featuring a polished Goldtech case, the Submersible Goldtech 42 brings together the notions of form meeting function meeting style. Super wearable and very appealing.

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Doxa Sub 200 T.GRAPH

Limited to only 300 pieces and made out of stainless steel, the Doxa Sub 200 T.GRAPH is a celebration of the watchmaker’s 130th anniversary and the 50th anniversary of the cult-loving model. Measuring a hefty 43mm across, 46mm in length and 15mm in height and featuring a striking orange dial, the Doxa Sub 200 T.GRAPH has a hell of a lot of wrist presence. But beneath its beasty exterior lies an intricately reworked hand-wound chronograph movement from Valjoux. Beauty meets the beast.

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Chopard Happy Sport The Hour Glass 40th Anniversary Special Edition

To celebrate The Hour Glass’ 40th anniversary, Chopard has released the very light-hearted Happy Sport The Hour Glass 40th Anniversary Special Edition. Featuring gems that seem to float across the dial, the Happy Sport The Hour Glass 40th Anniversary Special Edition’s playful look and light-hearted nature belies its true complexities. Those 18k rose gold gems are actually sandwiched between two clear sapphire discs, again giving off the illusion that the gems are indeed floating atop the dial. Very cool.

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Sylvain Pinaud Monopoussoir Chronograph

Sylvain Pinaud’s Monopoussoir Chronograph is an expression of passion, of uniqueness, and of spurring moments of madness. To say that the Monopoussoir Chronograph is conventional would be tantamount to a slap across the cheek. The Monopoussoir Chronograph is watchmaking art. Combining a very against-the-grain approach to the execution of the Monopoussoir Chronograph, Sylvain Pinaud has created something that is unlike anything I’ve come across. Featuring an inverted dial depicting the beautifully complex nature of the watch and a closed case back with a small sapphire window showing off the balance wheel, the Monopoussoir Chronograph is the epitome of romanticism in watchmaking.

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Bamford London GMT

More accustomed to personalising and modifying watches, Bamford has gone and created its very own timepiece. The London GMT draws inspiration from the durable watches of yesteryear and combines the functionality of a GMT with the versatility of a steel watch. There is a lot of balance throughout the London GMT which I find comparable the pieces that Bamford has spent so many years customising. Drawing design cues and stylistic approaches from the manufacturers Bamford has worked with in the past has obviously given the brand the ability to create something as refined as the London GMT.

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Tudor Snowflake 50th Anniversary

Tudor’s iconic Snowflake design took shape in 1969 and was used exclusively for diving watches. Fast forward to 2019, and 50 years since it was introduced to the world, the Snowflake has grown to be a highly collectible part of Tudor’s history of watches. Found now in Tudor’s Black Bay and Pelagos lines, the Snowflake is representative not of just its heritage as being the diving watch choice for many navies around the world, but also of its functional aspects. Super wearable and brimming with personality, Tudor’s Snowflake represents the manufacture’s deep history both in the world of watchmaking and beyond.

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