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The Wind Up – Watch News #192

Another week down, another round up of all the latest news in our weekly series, The Wind Up. In this week’s instalment, we’ll be covering new pieces from Longines, Zenith and Panerai. Enjoy gents!

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Longines heritage classic

Longines Heritage Classic

New from Longines is the Heritage Classic. With a distinct black dial and sophisticated lines, the Heritage Classic is truly reminiscent of the quintessential classical dress watch. Appeasing and delightful, the Longines Heritage Classic is as picturesque as it is accessible.

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Zenith chronomaster revival safari

Zenith Chronomaster Revival Safari

Zenith’s latest interpretation of the esteemed Chronomaster A384 is the Chronomaster Revival Safari. Clad in microblasted titanium and featuring deep olive-green tones throughout, the Chronomaster Revival Safari is a distinct proposal that walks the fine line between heritage and contemporary.

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Bovet 1822 x rolls royce collaboration

Bovet 1822 x Rolls-Royce Collaboration

Bovet 1822 has partnered with Rolls-Royce to create bespoke timepieces that sit as comfortably on the wrist as they do on the iconic vehicle’s dashboard. The watch, which features the revolutionary and patented Amadeo system, enables it to be transformed from a wristwatch to a pocket/pendant watch to a desk clock and to a dashboard clock. Both novel and ingenius.

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Panerai unveils the first submersible 42mm with a metal bracelet

Panerai Unveils The First Submersible 42mm With a Metal Bracelet

As the title indicates, Panerai has unveiled the very first Submersible 42mm model with a metal bracelet in the form of the Submersible Blu Notte PAM1068. Enhancing functionality and real-world applicability, the new Submersible Blu Notte PAM1068 edges between a versatile daily wearer and a piece that can easily divvy up your outfit. Love it.

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Armin strom tribute 1 first edition

Armin Strom Tribute 1 First Edition

New from Armin Strom is the Tribute 1 First Edition. Whilst still very much in-keeping with the independent watchmaker’s horological ethos, the new Tribute 1 First Edition is a step in a new direction of more affordable yet still wholly distinct timepieces for the watchmaker.

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If you enjoyed The Wind Up and would like to continue reading about watches, you can head on over to my blog, Haulogerie, where I delve a bit deeper into the wonderful world of horology.

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