Ulysse Nardin Adds Freak X to the Freak Family

Ulysse Nardin is getting its freak on once again at this year’s SIHH 2019. Last year, the Swiss luxury brand added the Freak Out to its award-winning line-up, and now UN is returning with the Freak X. Representing a hybrid product, the extraordinary timepiece combines in-house calibre UN118 movement with Freak design codes and the collection’s first winding crown. Like the Freaks before it, this is a watch that boldly redefines the entire minimalist concept.

ulysse nardin freak x black

Thanks to its avant-garde design and revolutionary escapement components, UN’s Freak Collection has remained the stuff of horological legend since it first debuted back in 2001. Eschewing traditional dial features, each watch in the range lets its own brilliant and unique mechanics do the talking. Rarely does the essence of time seem so streamlined and palpable as it does here, namely by way of the gear-like dial.

ulysse nardin freak x black front

Set against an expanse of black, the Freak X’s flying carousel baguette movement touts a central oscillator with large width diameter, miniature gear train, and 3 Hz Silicum balance wheel. Dressed in black and silver with Superluminova treatment on the index and bridges, the movement rotates on its own axis before the naked eye. It all comes wrapped in a 43mm case of satin-finished black DLC titanium. Sealing the deal is a black openwork rubber strap. Welcome to the family, Mr. Freak X.

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ulysse nardin freak main 3 color

ulysse nardin freak main 2 color graphics

ulysse nardin freak main 1 color x-ray

exe cmjn un shark

city and shark 10k cmyk

skeleton x soldat red

ulysse nardin freak x body

ulysse nardin freak x carb soldat white

ulysse nardin freak x sub dials

ulysse nardin freak x sub crown

ulysse nardin freak x sub blue

ulysse nardin freak x red strap