The Vintage Heuer x Bamford TAG Heuer Monaco Watch

Vintage Heuer recently landed the project of its dreams when it teamed up with Bamford Watch Department, aka the official customisation arm of reputable brands like BVLGARI and TAG Heuer. The result is the Vintage Heuer x Bamford TAG Heuer Monaco Watch. Featuring a circular dial within an elegant, black square case, the stunning timepiece pays direct homage to the rare and renowned 1974 TAG Heuer Monaco 74033, better known as “The Dark Lord”.

Among the original “Dark Lord’s” claims to fame is that it was one of the first PVD-coated wristwatches. And while the date window and distinct registers bore resemblance to the previous TAG Heuer 1133, “The Dark Lord” was resoundingly unique by way of luminous bars and an all-black case among other things. Reportedly, the timepiece was released in an effort to get TAG Heuer out of a rut, but the effort didn’t take so the model was quickly discontinued, hence the extreme rarity. To this day, “The Dark Lord” remains the stuff of legend among collectors.

Now, “The Dark Lord’s” striking aesthetic is back with some modest adjustments. According to Vintage Heuer, the hands on the new Monaco are orange as opposed to red. Further distinguishing the new Vintage Heuer x Bamford TAG Heuer Monaco Watch are chequered flag graphics beneath the white subdials, and a crown on the left hand side of the case.

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