You Can Now Buy Luxury Watches Verified as Authentic on eBay

There has always been a problem with trust online when it comes to selling luxury watches, particularly on eBay. Customer confidence is extremely important, after all, in running a new or used retail goods selling operation online, but especially on eBay. Now, however, eBay buyers will have that confidence through a program eBay recently announced, which makes its Authenticate program available to many highly sought wristwatch brands.

Between dedicated horologists and those who are passionate about luxury brand watches for the sake of fashion, eBay can now entice their click-to-purchase minds by offering an authenticated selection of more than 30 luxury watch brands. These brands include Rolex, Omega, Breitling, Audemars Piguet, and Panerai. The site will mark these items as “Authenticity Verified.”

Authenticated watches will be listed, the selection will include new, vintage, and pre-owned categories with an existing inventory of more than 7,000 items, according to eBay. German and UK are included in the list of European brands and retailers already using the service.

“We’re adding third-party authentication to this inventory because we know the importance buyers place on trust for high-value purchases,” Senior Director of eBay Authenticate James Hardy said in a statement.

You can buy authenticated watches starting from around $500 on eBay, and the company expects it to grow to support more than 10,000 timepieces in just a few weeks. This is good news, both for eBay, which is trying to situate itself as a trusted e-commerce platform, and for consumers of high-end luxury goods who want to know their investments are safe.

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