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How to Become More Attractive

Some folks are born with such spectacular genes that they can wake up and turn heads without even looking in the mirror. The rest of us, however, could always use a few beauty pointers. Hence, if you’re wondering how to become more attractive, you’re definitely not alone. Indeed, there’s no shortage of men out there who could stand to brush up on their appearances or even adopt new lifestyle habits. To ensure you’re looking your absolute best, we’re breaking down the laws of attraction from head to toe. Do you need to follow everyone? Of course not. Find the ones that work for you and proceed accordingly. Here’s our guide on How to Become More Attractive.

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First impressions generally start with the face, and so it’s important to make sure yours counts. That means keeping those nose hairs trimmed, those eyebrows plucked, those teeth whitened and that skin free of blemishes. At the start of your day, apply a facial cream with 15 SPF, which will protect the skin and keep it young, but not to point of compromising your tan. At night, you should apply cream again, primarily to reduce wrinkling. You should also be mindful of your face shape when it comes to everything from the glasses you wear to your hairstyle to your facial hair. Between your clean skin, your groomed face and your purposeful sense of style, you’re already becoming substantially more attractive.

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You know that feeling you get when you’re watching a movie and an attractive woman takes off her clothes, revealing that her body is indeed as sexy as you might have hoped? Well, don’t think for a second that women don’t feel the same way when you take off your clothes. To ensure they’re getting what they hoped for, you should be eating right, working out, maintaining good posture, drinking lots of water and cutting down on (or eliminating) harmful vices like drinking and smoking. Put all this together and you’re on your way to a chiselled physique that will make a world of difference in terms of both physical health and sex appeal. Furthermore, be mindful of things like your hands and feet. For example, you should be clipping those toenails and applying cream to your feet on the regular. Trust us when we say she’ll notice.

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What’s even more attractive to a woman than a hot body? A solid personality to back it up. For that, you should broaden your horizons. That means reading at least one new book a month, and making sure you can regurgitate the information therein. You should also mix up the program every now and then–don’t just stick to sporting events and movies. Go to a concert or a play or a comedy show. Along similar lines, don’t hit up the same restaurant every weekend–try new places and cuisines instead. Likewise, travel as much as you possibly can. Last but not least, make sure you’re a good friend to others, being there when they need you and listening when they talk. There’s simply nothing more attractive than a dude who everyone can’t stop gushing about.

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The Greeks put it best when they said: “Know thyself.” In other words, embrace who you are and then challenge your own limitations. If you fail at something, pick yourself back up and try again until you succeed. If you want something (within reason), don’t stop until you’ve obtained it. Furthermore, be confident and self-assured in what you do. As any satisfied male can tell you, chicks dig confidence. That said, don’t veer into “cocky” territory. Just remember to be steadfast in your actions without resorting to non-stop braggadocio.

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Remember what we said about your face being where most first impressions start? Well, your clothes can count just as much, if not more. Make sure you’re suited and booted when the occasion calls for it, keeping your wardrobe stocked with contemporary blazers, jackets, shoes and other fashionable apparel. Try to avoid wearing “niche” clothing (hiking boots, beach wear) unless you’re actually engaging in the activity they were intended for. Keep a healthy supply of white tees in your arsenal. Stick to no more than two colours when matching apparel. Don’t forget to slap a nice watch around your wrist. Most importantly, ensure that your clothes fit properly. That means getting your suits tailored, and trying on pants before you buy them. And if you have any doubts about whether the fit or appearance is right, bring a friend along and ask for his or her honest opinion, which will prove far more valuable than some commission-hungry sales clerk’s opinion.

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She might not notice how on point you are about grooming at first, but trust us she’ll notice soon enough. To guarantee your appearance is consistent down to the smallest detail, you need to groom, period. Shower daily, and shampoo every other day. Be sure to apply body scrub and soap to your whole body, including the crevices. When it comes to oral hygiene, don’t just floss and brush your teeth, but scrape your tongue as well to eradicate bad breath. Use deodorant. Keep your skin healthy by way of cleansers, exfoliates and creams. Remove excessive body hair, especially back hair. Clean your ears. And while there’s nothing wrong with facial hair, you want to look trimmed and terrific at all times, so get rid of any loose strands or stubble. Also, wash your bed sheets at least once a month and put fresh towels on the rack at least once a week.

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Living Habits

This day in age, it’s all too easy to plant yourself on the couch and essentially never leave. Don’t be that guy. Instead, make it a habit to get outdoors. Play sports. Go out to movies and shows. Listen to a variety of music genres. Pick up at least two hobbies. Make yourself useful in the kitchen by learning how to cook. Keep your house clean and clutter-free. Get a rescue dog and take good care of it. Cut down on watching porn, which can adversely affect your mental health or your attitudes toward the opposite sex. Look for ways to increase your income and cut down on unnecessary expenses. Some of it might be a chore at first, but you’d be surprised at how quickly these chores can become habits. Meanwhile, you’re looking all the more attractive as a result.

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