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People at an open air lounge over a small mountain drinking wine

10 Best Wineries in Barossa Valley

Australia’s Barossa Valley is well known around the globe for producing complex, rich, full-bodied wines, and a number of international award winners. It’s one of Australia’s most recognised tourism destinations, especially for all the wine lovers out there and with over 150 wineries and 8 cellar doors, you really are spoilt for choice. There are seven generations of winemakers in these hills that have helped put Australia on the map for their outstanding vintages and unique winemaking techniques.

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So without further ado, here’s a list of the 10 best wineries in the Barossa Valley:

Long shot of the Yalumba winery exterior
Yalumba | Image: Yalumba

1. Yalumba

Visit Yalumba’s historic home in the Barossa for the ultimate wine tasting experience. The winery is bursting with a 168-year-old history, surrounded by stunning grounds providing visitors with an experience they won’t soon forget. Taste premium wines and sample the local foods or take a special behind-the-scenes tour of one of the best wineries in the Barossa Valley.

Address: 40 Eden Valley Road, Angaston SA 5353
Phone: +61 8 8561 3200
Opening Hours:
10am – 5pm

Long high angle shot of the Chateau Tanunda winery exterior
Chateau Tanunda | Image: Chateau Tanunda

2. Chateau Tanunda

One of the best wineries in the Barossa Valley, Chateau Tanunda has been producing wine from its fruit orchards and vineyards since 1890. Select from some of their best award-winning wines, grab a cheese platter and take in the beautiful views of the Barossa Ranges. Take part in one of their cellar door experiences and learn all the ins and outs of winemaking. If that’s not enough, the iconic architecture and rich history alone is enough to warrant a visit

Address: 9 Basedow Road, Tanunda SA 5352
Phone: +61 8 8563 3888
Opening Hours: 10am – 5pm

Medium shot of the Kies Family Wines winery exterior
Kies Family Wines | Image: Kies Family Wines

3. Kies Family Wines

Operating since 1985, Kies Family Wines offers a great wine tasting experience at their cellar door. What is great about Kies wines is that it’s all about “quality over quantity”, producing smaller batches of wines so that enough attention and focus goes into making every drop just as delicious as the last. Visit the cellar door for a tasty sample of some of the wines Kies has on offer and visit the Monkey Nut café for a bite to eat.

Address: 1303 Barossa Valley Way, Lyndoch SA 5351
Phone: +61 8 8524 4110
Opening Hours:
9am – 4pm

Long overhead shot of Elderton Wines winery exterior
Elderton Wines | Image: Elderton Wines

4. Elderton Wines

Elderton Wines are known for their hospitality at their Barossa Valley Winery, in fact they even won an award for it in the 2019 South Australian Best of Wine Tourism Awards. If you’re looking for a relaxing afternoon of wine tasting, eating and soaking up the sunshine in one of the most beautiful places in South Australia, then you can’t go wrong here at one of the best wineries in the Barossa Valley.

Address: 3/5 Tanunda Road, Nuriootpa SA 5355
Phone: +61 8 8568 7878
Opening Hours:
Mon – Fri 10am – 5pm & Sat – Sun 11am – 4pm

Long shot of Rusden Wines grape vineyard
Rusden Wines | Image: Rusden Wines

5. Rusden Wines

With seven generations of grape-growing history, Rusden Wines know what they’re doing when it comes to wine. A respect for the land and the responsibility to pass it on to future generations is at the heart of Rusden’s philosophy, they even still tend the land by hand and adhere to traditional winemaking methods. It’s all in the details and that’s what makes their wine so unique and definitely worth the trip to Barossa Valley.

Address: 221 Magnolia Road, Vine Vale SA 5232
Phone:  +61 8 8563 2976
Opening Hours: 11am – 5pm / Closed Tuesdays

Medium shot of Jenke Vineyards winery exterior
Jenke Vineyards | Image: Jenke Vineyards

6. Jenke Vineyards

Come to Jenke Vineyard’s original 1850s Koch Cottage, turned cellar door for a premium wine tasting experience at one of the best wineries the Barossa Valley has to offer. From seven generations in the Barossa Valley to today, the Jenke’s are still producing small batches of single-vineyard wines by hand. Try a line-up of their delicious range of Semillon, Cabernet Sauvignon, Shiraz and more. Be sure to make a booking though as it is still by appointment only.

Address: 1857 Barossa Valley Road, Rowland Flat SA 5352
Phone: +61 8 8524 4154
Opening Hours:
By appointment

Medium shot of Seabrook Wines winery exterior
Seabrook Wines | Image: Seabrook Wines

7. Seabrook Wines

Since 1878 The Seabrook family has been a part of Australia’s wine industry and has since revitalised its old labels with its fifth-generation Hamish Seabrook at the helm. Seabrook Wines has a portfolio of seven impeccable wines to choose from. Come and visit the cellar door at Menglers Hill, housed in the quaint 1850s cottage. Grab some wine and a platter then relax on the deck for some of the most stunning views at one of the best wineries in the Barossa Valley.

Address: 1122 Light Pass Road, Vine Vale SA 5352
Phone: +61 8 8563 0368
Opening Hours:
11am – 5pm

Medium shot of Yelland & Papps winery exterior
Yelland & Papps | Image: Yelland & Papps

8. Yelland & Papps

Calling all wine lovers, Yelland & Papps is the perfect spot if you’re looking for unique and elegant wines that put quality over quantity. The small boutique family winery offers a variety of wines made with a passion for good wine using “old world techniques in a new world way”. Check out the cellar door for one of the best wine tasting experiences at one of Barossa Valley’s best wineries.

Address: 279 Nuraip Road, Nuriootpa SA 5355
Phone: +61 8 8562 3510
Opening Hours:
10.30am – 4.30pm

Exterior view of Saltram winery
Saltram | Image: Saltram Wines

9. Saltram

Saltram Winery in the Barossa Valley has been in operation for over 160 years and is an icon among the valley’s wineries. Visit the charming cellar door at the winery’s original stone winery house for a cosy and informative wine tasting experience. With the ultimate tasting experience, you’ll get to discover the history of Saltram, taste the premium wines from the barrel hall and finish up with a tasty tawny in the underground cellar.

Address: Murray Street, Angaston SA 5353
Phone: +61 8 8561 0200
Opening Hours:
10am – 5pm

Exterior view of Jacob's Creek winery
Jacob’s Creek | Image: Sweet Lime Photo

10. Jacob’s Creek

How can we leave out one of Australia’s most well-known and beloved wineries, whose wines have been transported throughout the globe and is synonymous with Australia’s wine-making industry. Jacob’s Creek offers a range of wine experiences at their cellar door in Barossa Valley including tours, food and wine tastings, beautifully picturesque views of the vineyard and surrounding hills. Learn all about the region’s history and heritage and the wine-making process of one of the best wineries in Barossa Valley.

Address: 2129 Barossa Valley Way, Rowland Flat SA 5352
Phone: +61 8 8521 3000
Opening Hours:
10am – 5pm

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General FAQ

What wine is the Barossa famous for?

Barossa Valley is famous for its Shiraz, however, Cabernet Sauvignon is the classic red grape variety in the region.

How many wineries are in the Barossa Valley?

There are 150 wineries in the Barossa Valley, with more than 80 offering wine and seasonal produce tastings.

What wineries are in the Barossa Valley?

A few of the best wineries in the Barossa Valley are Jacob's Creek, Yalumba, Chateau Tanunda and Elderton Wines.