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Carlton Draught Proclaims ‘Long Live the Keg’ in Epic Ad Campaign Revival

In a world where craft beer and microbreweries are all the rage, one beer is boldly proclaiming its love for the traditional pub and the beloved keg that makes it all possible. That beer, my friends, is Carlton Draught. After a five-year hiatus from major ad campaigns, the brand is back with its latest tribute to the keg, aptly titled Long Live the Keg. The 60-second ad (see above) is a veritable feast for the senses, featuring bagpipes, a choir, and even cannon fire, all in honour of the keg’s glorious life.

Of course, this isn’t Carlton Draught’s first rodeo when it comes to epic ad campaigns. Who could forget the iconic Big Ad (below), which featured a choir forming the shape of a beer glass being lifted towards a human mouth, all set to the tune of O Fortuna? Or the 46ers campaign (see below), which proved that a fresh keg of Carlton Draught is changed every 46 seconds. How do their latest efforts compare?

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According to Nicole McMillan, General Manager of Marketing at Carlton & United Breweries, Carlton Draught is “one of Australia’s most iconic and loved beers,” and the Long Live the Keg campaign is all about celebrating the pub and the vital role it plays in Aussie culture.

“This ad is for everyone who cherishes the pub, and we want it to help get people back to their local,” says McMillan. “Pubs are in our DNA, and we’re proud to support them.”

Long Live the Keg ad Carlton Draught

Image: Carlton Draught

And support them they should, because as National Chief Executive Officer of the Australian Hotels Association, Stephen Ferguson, points out, “Australian pubs are at the heart of our communities.” But with the challenges of the past few years, pubs need all the support they can get.”

Thankfully, Carlton Draught is up to the task, reminding us all that there is nothing quite like enjoying a refreshing pint of tap beer at your local with your mates. Plus, with its tradition of brewery-fresh beer dating all the way back to 1864, Carlton Draught is the OG of Aussie beer, and we should all be raising a glass (or keg) in its honour.

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Long Live the Keg ad Carlton Draught

Image: Carlton Draught

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