Elon Musk’s Trademarked Tequila – Teslaquila

It started as an April Fool’s joke, but Teslaquila may become a reality after all. Tesla officially filed a trademark application with the U.S. Patent and Trademark office for “Teslaquila.” This is actually Tesla’s first trademark filing for 2018. The trademark is described as a “distilled agave liquor” and as a “distilled blue agave liquor.” The filing isn’t a guarantee that there will be a Teslaquila on the shelves soon, or anytime for the matter, but it does state that Tesla has an “intent to use” the term. Evidently, Tesla had previously applied for a trademark in Jamaica, and is using that filing as an assertion for a U.S. priority date. It’s a smart move as the patent office will use the Jamaican date as the date for the mark, preventing others with later dates from filing.

elon musk's trademarked tequila teslaquila label

The April Fool’s joke was a Twitter posting from Musk stating that the electric car company was bankrupt. Musk claimed that he had been found “passed out against a Tesla Model 3, surrounded by ‘Teslaquila’ bottles.”

It’s entirely possible that this filing is just a preventative measure to keep others from getting the name, but who can blame Tesla from protecting its brand? Besides, there’s still the chance that there might just be a Teslaquila one day.

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