Get Zesty with Endeavour Brewing Co. Citrus Pale Ale

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As Aussies brace for the impending summer, Endeavour Brewing Co. has released a zesty new way to beat the heat. Citrus Pale Ale is a fusion of Endeavour’s signature pale ale, with the addition of tangerine and blood orange. This new craft beer is available now at all good liquor outlets and comes in 4.5% cans.

Endeavour Brewing Co. experimented with six different citruses including lemon, lime and grapefruit, before settling on a combination of tangerine and blood orange.

Citrus Pale Ale Tasting Notes – Tangerine and blood orange fruit leap out of the glass on the first smell of this beer. Followed by upfront flavour of the blood orange that has a slight sweetness to it, before the bitterness of the tangerine starts coming through with the Galaxy and Ella hops on the mid-palate for an overall fruity flavour.

The medium crystal and Munich malts help with sweetness and malt body to carry the citrus over the palate, with some bitterness from the hops and tangerine bringing up the back of the taste.

endeavour brewing co citrus pale ale cans

“The result is an incredibly sessionable beer, that has a little blood orange sweetness, that’s wonderfully balanced by the tangerine bitterness,” says Ben Kooyman, founder of Endeavour Brewing Co. “The citrus tones work in harmony with our pale ale, and we think our discerning customers will enjoy the unique flavour combination.”

Citrus Pale Ale is also the first time Endeavour Brewing Co. has released one of its beers in a can, offering consumers a convenient way to quench their thirst this summer. “It’s quick to cool in an esky, and it stays fresher for longer, so it’s the perfect lighter beer to take to picnics, BBQs and other outdoor occasions.”

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