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Fireball fire keg launch 1

5.25-Litre Fireball FireKeg Launches in Australia

Picture this; no lockdowns, Omicron has passed and you’re sitting in the backyard of your mate’s new sharehouse. The music sucks and the air-con is broken, but it matters less. This is your summer and it will be one to remember. Unless, of course, you opt for the new FireKeg, the awe-inspiring cinnamon party starter that comes in a ridiculous 5.25-litre vessel. Prepare to pickle yourself, the whisky motherload has arrived Down Under.

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Image: Fireball

After making a spicy splash in the Northern Hemisphere last year, the new limited-edition Fireball FireKeg has finally made its triumphant debut in Australia. With three spouts, the bright red metal-crafted FireKeg allows for three shots to be poured at once because…well, efficiency.

Standing at 5.25-litres, the FireKeg cuts an imposing figure, even for the biggest of fans.  Exclusively for sale via BoozeBud, the FireKeg is available to order from Wednesday, January 12 for a cool $349. We’ve done the maths and that works out to a cheeky 175 individual 30ml shots to go round, checking in under $2 a shot.

Fireball fire keg launch 2

Image: Fireball

But it’s not all good news. Only 1,000 FireKegs have made the journey to our shores, meaning that any loose unit wanting to get their hands on one, will have to move quickly. Considering how fast the Fireball Christmas Ham and Fireball Fried Chicken Buckets sold out last year, you can bet the shelves stocking this 5.25-litre jug of cinnamon whisky will be as barren as the toilet paper aisle right now.

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Fireball fire keg launch

Image: Fireball

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Image: Fireball

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Image: Fireball

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