Fjord Whisky Glasses Reflects Norway’s Majesty

The Fjord Whisky Glasses by Fjord Whisky drew its inspiration from the awe-inspiring fjords of Norway’s west coast. The design uniquely mimics the way the water creates a path through the fjords. On the outside, the tumbler appears to be just like any other glass, but on the inside, two glass mountainsides rise up, creating a fjord in the bottom of the glass. As you pour your whisky, the sloped sides causes the whisky to act like breaking waves, which helps to mix air with the liquid, enhancing the aromatic experience.

The process of creating the glass started in June of 2016 and involved months of gathering input from glassmakers. After creating some parameters, the team went to work putting together 3D models and then 3D printing prototypes. After some 50+ models, they were ready to find a glass manufacturer.

fjord whisky glasses view

The tumbler is made from lead-free, massive crystal. The glass is hefty in the hand, weighing about half a kilo. The tumblers are available in a two-pack gift set and you can also purchase a solid oak carrying case that comes with six glasses.

If this is a project that appeals to you, then you can help support them in their Kickstarter Campaign and you’ll soon be enjoying whisky in a way only the fjords of Norway can serve it.

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