Guinness Successfully Experiments with Barrel Aged Beer

Old World tradition and New World progress are coming together in Guinness’s new barrel aged beer.

“Our story as brewers began more than 250 years ago in Dublin, and those Irish roots will absolutely always be a key part of who we are”, explained Emma Giles, Brand Director for Guinness.

“But beer has evolved in so many ways since then.

“It’s hard to deny that the U.S. is the centre of the universe as far as beer innovation is concerned. Now that we have a permanent home here with some of the most talented brewers the country has to offer, the potential to blend our brewing expertise with American creativity is virtually endless.”

That new home is the Open Gate Brewery & Barrel House in Baltimore (say that ten times fast), and that’s where the brand’s Dublin-brewed Antwerpen Stout is being aged for eight months in Bulleit Bourbon Barrels. Aging the beer in the barrels gives it the flavour of oaky richness, matching nicely with the already full-bodied notes of bittersweet chocolate and aged fruits.

Sean Brennan, Senior Brewer at the Open Gate Brewery & Barrel House, described the bear as: “Something special, and one to be sipped slow and savoured.” Brennan also explained that, “The best part about barrel-aging any beer is that you get the chance to pull the flavours of the wood and liquid previously aged in it.”

The stout is available in a limited supply and on tap at the Open Gate Brewery & Barrel House.

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