Highland Park Light Whisky Completes the Set

Highland Park first celebrated autumn and winter with their Highland Park The Dark 17 Years. Now it’s time for spring and summer with the Highland Park The Light 17 Years. To celebrate the seasons, the whisky will come in a Freya-style green glass bottle—don’t worry, it won’t be Gatorade green; the whisky is actually a light golden color. It is said to contrast with The Dark’s more dry and spicy expression with a slightly punchy and fruity flavor. Where The Dark was matured in European oak Sherry-seasoned casks, The Light enjoyed a maturation in refill American oak casks, which gave it a brighter hue and a flavor profile and aroma of pear, vanilla, and nutmeg. Taste notes describe an initial vibrant citrus followed up by green apple and sawdust.

Highland Park notes that both whiskies in the set commemorate the Viking warrior ancestry of the distillery. The Light’s bottle definitely speaks to that with the bespoke glass that sports a serpent dragon motif embossed on the front. The oak cradle that holds the bottle also plays off the Viking inspiration. There are plans for only 28,000 bottles to be made, which can be ordered globally at a cost of about $250.

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