Laphroaig’s Ian Hunter Series Opens with 30-Year-Old Whisky

Laphroaig has announced an exclusive series of aged single malt whiskies that honour the legacy of Ian Hunter, the last of the founding family to run the Laphroaig Distillery. One whisky will be released each year, set into a beautifully crafted book like something pulled straight out of the movies. Each book will document part of Ian Hunter’s Legacy, and the first will be accompanied by a 30-year old whisky which is guaranteed to become a highly sought-after drop by whisky lovers everywhere. It probably tastes amazing too.

With just 400 9L cases produced, Book One: ‘Unique Character’ reflects Ian Hunter’s character and represents traditional Laphroaig craftmanship.

Laphroaig Ian Hunter Series whisky

The 30-year old whisky was aged in first-fill bourbon barrels, non-chill filtered and described as beautifully rounded with a combination of sweet, zesty and medicinal notes.

It was Ian Hunter who decided to introduce American white oak barrels into the Laphroaig maturation process. Over time, the original smokiness of this whisky has become less of an assault on the senses. It’s said to be beautifully married with the sweet vanilla notes enhanced with ageing, developing into a more mature, well-rounded dram.

The first chapter of Book One: ‘Unique Character’ starts with the story of how Ian Hunter introduced American oak casks and considers it as possibly his greatest legacy. Today, many Scotch distilleries mature whisky in ex-bourbon casks, and it is Ian who’s viewed as pioneering this movement.

Laphroaig Ian Hunter Series whisky

Tasting Notes

Nose: Sweet and medicinal with manuka honey, light peat smoke, cooked apple and rosemary vanilla. Orgeat syrup and a hint of lemon peel complete the aroma.

Palate: Peaty and peppery with notes of herbs, cedar, kumquat zest and gorse flower. A sweetness of custard cream and vanilla pods.

Finish: Coastal with subtle iodine, sea salt and seaweed notes. A touch of coffee and oaky character.

Colour: Burnished gold.

ABV: Bottled at cask strength, 46.7% ABV.

The limited-edition whisky and accompanying book is available at selected retailers from January 2020 for the premium price of $2,000 AUD. Book Two is expected to follow in 2021.

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