Science Declares: Craft Beer Healthier Than Red Wine

We all know red wine is good for you. It’s something hammered into us over a million articles: while alcohol can be a naughty thing, red wine has special magic goodies in it that make a couple of glasses actually a superfood of sorts. By contrast, beer is the drink of choice for those with no regard for their health at all.

Well, as of this moment, red wine can suck it, because as D’Marge notes scientists have determined that craft beer is better for you than red wine.

Professor Mike McCullough of California’s Polytechnic State University states that a pint of craft beer has more “good things” in it than a glass of red wine: those good things being stuff like vitamin B3, and brewer’s yeast, which lowers cholesterol. It does have to be craft beer, though: there’s less pasteurisation involved in making craft beer compared to regular old beer, which leaves more of the health-giving elements in the final product.

craft beer healthier than red wine glasses

Professor McCullough said that craft beer suffered from bad PR because beer is generally associated with unhealthy lifestyles, but this news should help address that injustice, as well as giving even more momentum to the local craft beer industry, which is already growing by leaps and bounds.

So get stuck into it, craft beer lovers. No longer can red wine aficionados look down their noses at you on the grounds of health. They’ll just have to look down their noses at you because they’re richer instead.