Starward Releases a Limited Edition Tawny Cask Whisky, and it Will Go Fast

Here’s a bit of history you’ll want to be aware of. Starward’s Bourbon cask release sold out in under four hours in 2018. Why do you need to know that? Because the Australian distillery has launched their first ever limited edition Tawny cask, and with only 4,000 bottlings included, this cask will go fast as well.

“As with all Starward whiskies, Starward Tawny deserves a place at the dinner table and is the perfect staple for the festive season,” states Sam Slaney, Starward’s Head Distiller and the innovator behind the Tawny cask. “With a palate of rich dried fruits, brown sugar and nutmeg, Starward Tawny is a delicious after-dinner drink at Christmas that can be enjoyed neat, with food such as blue cheeses like stilton and Roquefort, with rich desserts, or as a digestif.”

Starward Tawny Whisky

This expression was put through a unique process. Starward matured a single malt whisky in Tawny fortified wine barrels. Tawny barrels expose the whisky to gradual oxidation and evaporation, which results in the liquid mellowing and turning a golden—tawny—color. For the Starward vintage, the whisky was kept in smaller barrels, 100L octave size, which results in a richer, more full-bodied flavor. Starward also used Tawny barrels from Yalumba, which imparts a more vibrant fruity flavor, then charred Tawny barrels from SA Cooperage, which gives a toasty oak complexity.

“With some of the world’s best expressions of Tawny coming from within a day’s drive of the Starward Distillery and the anticipation of Starward Project releases, we are excited to be adding the limited-edition Tawny cask to the Starward portfolio,” says Slaney. That platform allows Starward distillers the chance to experiment. Since 2014, Starward Projects has been releasing whiskies to grand acclaim. Their Ginger Beer cask and Bourbon cask are prime examples of how well received these vintages are received. The Starward Tawny cask retails for $119 AUD and can be purchased directly from the distillery, on their website, or in their pop-up store in Myer Melbourne Giftorium. Just remember, Starward already has a reputation for selling out fast.

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