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Editor’s Letter: Man of Many January 2024

Today, we can all breathe a little easier. With the calendar rolling over to February and the new year now firmly in the rear-view mirror, we’ve officially hit the socially acceptable point to throw in the towel on your New Year resolutions. No more bringing your lunch to work in little plastic containers that you never remember to take home, forget taking the stairs over the escalator, the pressure is off. You did it. Good job.

With self-improvement now out of the way, we turn our attention to the future and there is much to look forward to in 2024. For the entertainment junkies, a swathe of new TV series are primed to burst onto our devices this year, including Netflix’s long-awaited adaptation of the Guy Ritchie classic The Gentleman and season three of FX’s award-winning culinary delight, The Bear.

It’s a binge-worthy buffet of content, to say the least, but here in the Man of Many office, we’ve got more pressing questions on the brain. Like, for instance, what on earth is a virtual reality sex robot and why are they set to redefine human intimacy in the 21st century? We asked the experts and the answers were, somewhat characteristically, mindblowing.

Make no mistake, 2024 is shaping up to be an interesting year but one thing is for certain – To make sense of it all, we are going to have to learn to expect the unexpected and roll with the punches. Unless, of course, you’ve got a spare $3 billion lying around. In that case, you might want to ditch the whole rat race and live at the bottom of the ocean. Who’s to judge, really?

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Editor-in-Chief, Man of Many