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Best EOFY Sales for 2024 | Image: Man of Many

EOFY Sales 2024: Best Deals on TVs, Laptops and Headphones

With the end of financial year (EOFY) officially landing on June 30, some of the biggest retailers in Australia are already prepping for a massive sales period. EOFY deals represent the ideal time for brands to clear out old stock and make way for new season gear, but more importantly, it’s a time for you to make the most of your tax return. If you are looking to shop the best EOFY sales 2024 has to offer, across tech, fashion, mobile phones, smart watches, homewares and accessories, we’ve got you covered. Keep reading for all the EOFY savings you need to know about.

Our Top Picks for EOFY Sales

While other sales periods focus on fashion and apparel, end of financial year marks a welcome return to tech deals. We’ve rounded up our favourite EOFY sales across tech, audio and entertainment, giving you more excuses to elevate your home office, work life, or downtime. Here are the EOFY sales and deals to look out for this tax time. 

Claw a1m
Claw A1M | Image: MSI

MSI Claw A1M

For EOFY 2024, the Claw A1M—MSI’s incredible handheld device—is up for sale. Packing Intel® Core™ Ultra processors and Intel® XeSS technology within its sleek black casing, the handheld device facilitates AAA gaming on the move without compromising on immersion or fidelity.

The Claw is a device you’ll want to take everywhere you go. Just throw it in your bag, and you’re ready to up your game no matter where you are. The MSI Claw A1M is currently available from JB Hi-Fi for AUD$1,099 (Core Ultra i5) and AUD$1,199 (Core Ultra i7).

MSI Stealth 14 AI Studio
MSI Stealth 14 AI Studio | Image: Supplied

Stealth 14 AI Studio A1V

Similarly, the Stealth 14 A1V Studio laptop has also been discounted as part of MSI Australia’s EOFY sales event. For the event, you can save AUD$600 on the Stealth 14 AI Studio A1VGG-045AU (which runs on the Intel Ultra 9 processor) and saveAUD$500 on the Stealth 14 AI Studio A1VFG-046AU (which runs on the Intel Ultra 7 processor). The higher-end model comes with the latest Intel Core Ultra 9 processor 185H and NVIDIA GeForce RTX 40 series graphics card to take your gaming experience into the stratosphere. NVIDIA Studio is also part of the package, allowing you to boost productivity by way of CUDA acceleration, among other things.

Best EOFY Sales

To help you spend your tax return in the best way possible, we’ve curated a selection of the best EOFY deals for 2024. Here you’ll find crazy tax time deals and discounts on everything from Tech, Mobile Phones, Fashion, Food, Wine & Liquor, all the way through to Home & Living, Health & Beauty, Kids, Toys & Pets and Sports & Leisure, Trending and Local Businesses. Here is a list of the best EOFY deals 2024 has to offer.

EOFY Electronics and Tech Deals

There are major savings to be had across a wide number of retailers in the electronics and entertainment space this EOFY. Whether you are chasing top deals on laptops, bargain accessories or huge savings on mobile phones, now is the perfect time to take advantage. The annual tech sale offers a chance to score top products from your favourite brands for cheap, with Samsung deals and HUAWEI sales being two of the biggest. Here are the best EOFY sales for tech in 2024.

Shop EOFY Deals on Fashion and Clothing

Time to up your wardrobe game. The best EOFY sales on fashion have arrived with everyone from Vans and adidas to ASOS and THE ICONIC dishing up massive deals across their ranges. While end-of-financial-year sales events are generally focused on home office and tech deals, in recent years, we’ve seen more apparel brands jump on board. Here in Australia, the best deals will generally come from third-party retailers attempting to clear end-of-season stock and sale items. Check out our guide to the best clothing EOFY sales below. 

General EOFY Sales

For brands offering deals across a range of different categories, we’ve lumped them into the General Deals category for this year. Retailers such as Dyson and sexual wellness brand Lovehoney have EOFY deals and prices on a bunch of great products, so it’s worth checking out the daily deals for each respective shop.

EOFY Home Office Deals

If you operate a business from your kitchen and want to spruce up the home office, EOFY is the perfect time to do it. A number of the biggest retailers in Australia have announced major savings across a lot of home office furniture, meaning you can redecorate the workspace without breaking the bank. Here are the best EOFY deals to keep an eye out for this tax time.

EOFY Deals on Homewares

End of financial year also marks the perfect time to fix up a few things around the home. If you are looking to purchase new home appliances, score big savings on a robot vacuum, improve your outdoor furniture or simply get started on some gardening projects, these shop deals on homewares will have you sorted. Here are the best deals and sales events to look for this end of financial year.

What is EOFY?

The financial year is a time period used for tax purposes. In Australia, the new financial year starts on July 1 and finishes on June 30, at which point, businesses close their books and begin sorting the tax time paperwork. The proceeding four months is then opened for individuals and organisations to lodge a tax return to the Australian Taxation Office (ATO website), which then determines if you receive a refund on payments made over the year.

What are EOFY sales?

Over the past 30 years, the EOFY sales period has become a tradition in Australia, much like Boxing Day and Click Frenzy. With businesses looking to finalise their sales and figures for the fiscal year, a number of retailers will heavily discount products in the lead-up to June 30. These EOFY deals apply pretty much across the board, with bargains available on smaller tech, fitness and homewares products, alongside big-ticket items such as cars and you can even score appliances online.

Despite recent cost-of-living concerns, new data has suggested that this year’s event will remain an integral sales period. A study commissioned by global e-commerce platform eBay found that almost 45 per cent of Aussies wait until sales moments like EOFY to buy non-essential items, with over 55 per cent spending half or more of their EOFY budget on fueling their passions.

The research found the most popular passions customers in Australia plan on investing in this EOFY sales period:

  • Upgrading the home/office (35%): The most searched furniture terms during end of financial year in 2022 were bedside tables, coffee tables and desks and this is expected to continue.
  • Holidays and travel (30%): Eye masks, suitcases and travel pillows topped travel searches during last year’s June sales events
  • Baking & cooking (25%): Air fryers, cake toppers and chocolate moulds topped cooking searches over the past two years.
  • Fitness and wellness (30%): For the EOFY sales period, new equipment, smart watches and apparel will prove to be a major selling point as Aussies gear up for the Summer months.
  • Beauty and self-care (20%): Beauty and self-care products continue to grow in popularity, following the consistent trend observed in the wake of the global pandemic. Expect to see huge savings across this category as the EOFY sales events kick off.

When Do End of Financial Sales Start?

While the official end of financial year date is June 30, some of the largest retailers in Australia, such as The Good Guys, The North Face and Michael Kors have already started their EOFY sales promotions. These EOFY deals generally run for a period of two weeks, ending in early July, however, some may finish earlier. As a result, it’s important to get your EOFY sales shopping in early.