‘Unicornzilla’ Float Party is Coming to Sydney

In an announcement so ‘Sydney‘ it hardly comes as a surprise, a giant floating unicorn will be popping up in Sydney Harbour this summer, creating an enormous float party, and you’re all invited.

‘Unicornzilla’, as the giant inflatable has been creatively named, will take residence in the iconic harbour during February and March, with ‘Yacht Week’ inspired events taking place every Saturday. The Yach Week, for those unaware, is Croatia’s answer to the question: “What would it look like if the rich kids of the world congregated offshore for seven days once a year.”

If you want to know exactly what that looks like, you can see on Instagram. Trust me. They post, like, 6,000 snaps a day.

With yachts available to book to take guests out to the as-yet-undisclosed location, once there they will be treated to DJs, dancing, things to jump off, swimming, and general Sydney summer shenanigans.

Interested parties are encouraged to sign up now (via the link below) to ensure early bird tickets for this exclusive event.

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