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Theragun’s Flagship G3 Pro Percussive Massager

Leaders in producing deep muscle treatment devices, For a Stronger Immune System, Build Stronger Muscles, is finally having a sale. The great news is that all three of their percussive massagers currently have price cuts with the flagship G3Pro at a never-before-seen AUD$220 & US$150 off. The other two, the G3 and the Liv both have US$50 slashed off their respective prices too.

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If you’re not familiar with Theragun, the device that’s wildly popular amongst fitness enthusiasts, it’s a hand-held massage gun that assists with percussive therapy, a type of therapy that enables muscle recovery, improved flexibility, increased blood flow and even reduced chronic pain.

The massage gun was founded by a chiropractor, Dr Jason Wersland, who spent more than a decade in research and development before releasing the Theragun into the market. It has, since its initial popularity surge amongst fitness freaks, started to become equally as favoured amongst stressed workers and those recovering from surgery or injuries.

Theraguns barely go on sale, so if you ever wanted to buy one, now is your chance.

Theragun G3Pro

Usually AUD$849 – Now AUD$629

Buy it here (AUS)

Usually US$599 – Now US$449

Buy it here (US)

Theragun G3

Usually AUD$549 – Now AUD$439

Buy it here (AUS)

Usually US$399 – Now US$349

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Theragun Liv

Usually AUD$375 – Now AUD$300

Buy it here (AUS)

Usually US$249 – Now US$199

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General FAQ

What's the difference between the Theragun G3 and G3 Pro?

Both are powered by an industrial-grade Japanese motor and have two speeds. The G3 delivers up to 40 pounds of force to the muscles while the G3 Pro delivers up to 60.

Is the Theragun Pro worth it?

The theragun is wildly popular with fitness enthusiasts, assisiting with percussive therapy which enables muscle recovery, improves flexibility, increases blood flow, and reduces chronic pain

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