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Water Walker and Spa

Water Walker Spa and Aqua Treadmill

If you have loads of cash to spare and a penchant for optimal fitness, consider the Water Walker, an aqua treadmill by Water Walker & Spa. Bolstered by a host of technology, this futuristic vessel functions as both a treadmill and a spa. And while the Water Walker costs about as much as a high-end sports car (US$89,000 and up, last we checked), it enables a prime cardio routine without putting pressure on your joints and muscles. Plus, who would argue with their own personal hydrotherapy spa?

Water Walker and Spa

How Does the Water Walker Work?

By drastically reducing the pressures of gravity, the Water Walker creates something of a weightless atmosphere. In turn, the aqua treadmill allows you to build strength and get a proper cardio workout without beating your body into submission. Because water is denser than air, there’s also an increased degree of resistance, meaning you’re still burning copious amounts of calories. In fact, you’re probably burning more calories in the Water Walker than you would on land.

aqua treadmill

Who is the Water Walker For?

Whether you suffer from severe conditions such as arthritis or fibromyalgia or just want to improve your fitness routine, the Water Walker and Spa makes for a terrific resource. As the technology becomes more common, you might see this aqua treadmill or something just like it pop up at the nearest health clinic. Speaking of something just like it, we should add that the Water Walker is not the only machine of its kind. Similar products like the Endless Pool deliver the same general tier of rehabilitation, resistance, and exercise at far less cost.

That said, the Water Walker and Spa goes straight to the top of the line. It’s then no surprise that the price of this aqua treadmill is so substantial. Like so many inventions before it, the Water Walker will be available to wealthy fitness freaks long before it’s available to anyone else. Nevertheless, it provides a promising glimpse of the future.

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General FAQ

How much does a water walker cost?

The last time we checked, a water walker spa cost about US$89,000, which is more than most sports cars.

What is a water walker?

The Water Walker is a form of hydrotherapy, which simultaneously functions as both a treadmill and a spa. By walking against the water, you get a proper cardio workout without beating your body into submission.

Is running in water good for you?

According to some studies, running in water is good for you because it increases levels of resistance without damaging your body. By running underwater, you can improve upon endurance without risking injury or applying pressure to the joints.