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Long Neck Avocados

Long Neck Avocados Are in Season, and Who Knew?

Avocados are one of those fruits that just kind of leave you hanging. Once you get past the skin, you find the delicious green center, only to discover that a huge portion of that is filled with a giant nut. It just leaves you wanting more. Well, your prayers—or more appropriately, your appetite—has just received the answer to how you can get more avocado. Miami Fruits posted a video on Instagram of their “long neck avocados.”

The video shows a woman holding the fruit, which is longer than her forearm. The long neck avocado has, as the name suggests, a long neck that stretches down into the familiar bulbous shape of an avocado. The entire neck is filled with the green gold of avocado fruit. Evidently this is a seasonal fruit, though how word of it has never gotten out is a mystery. Miami Fruits provided a caption for the video: “This is a long neck avocado grown right here in Miami! It is 100% non gmo and organic. It is not commonly found in the grocery store because this variety, in particular, is not grown commercially.”

The long neck variety of avocado comes from a specific type of avocado tree. The avocados grow to be just over a foot and a half long, though they can reach up to three feet. There’s obviously a reason that these trees aren’t grown commercially, most probably because these larger portion sizes would mean you’d be buying fewer avocados to satisfy that hunger. If you are interested in getting more—and you’ll probably pay more to do so—you can order the long neck avocados in bulk from Miami Fruits for just $47. Remember, these are seasonal fruits, so they won’t be around for long. Get them now, before you have to go back to being a schmuck buying those little, regular-sized avocados in the grocery store.

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