Keanu Reeves Demonstrates How to Be Popular as an Introvert

An introvert is someone who is shy and reluctant to step into the spotlight—not a quality that you would necessarily associate with being popular. Nor is it something that you would think that you would say to describe one of the world’s most popular movie stars. Yet, Keanu Reeves, despite having many successful movies and even being named “the internet’s boyfriend,” is still an introvert. So how does he do it?

Charisma on Command, which normally takes a look at more extroverted celebrities, outlined how Reeves has become so popular despite being an introvert in their video, “How to Be Popular as an Introvert.” The first thing that Reeves does is to direct praise toward others. Reeves often talks about those around him, rather than mentioning his own contribution.

Even when there’s no one to deflect to, Reeves will employ humour to duck the attention. Reeves also keeps a calm demeanour, speaking in quiet tones. That doesn’t mean you’re humdrum, as moments of spontaneous energy can capture your audience’s attention, which leads to the third lesson: using enthusiastic hand gestures and body language.

Most importantly, however, is the character of the individual, and when it comes to Reeves, he is extremely generous. Reeves spends time with fans, and was even the person who stopped to help fellow actress Octavia Spencer when her car broke down. Even if you are an introvert, having a giving and caring personality can endear you to others. Reeves is able to have such a character because he has defined what matters most to him—which means it’s a learned behaviour that you can learn as well.

You don’t have to be an extrovert to be popular. Introverts can also garner a large group of friends and even fans. It’s just a matter of mastering a few key characteristics.

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