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Victorinox Lexicon Framed Series Large Hardside Case | Image: Harry Parsons

Man of Many’s Staff Favourites – 9 March 2024

Thank heavens for the weekend! The footy is officially back and we finally have something to do on Saturdays that isn’t just wallowing in sorrow (just me?). The sun is shining, the birds are chirping and there are plenty of good reasons to keep that smile on your dial. Here are just a few of them, all wrapped up in a tight little Staff Favourites package.

The Macallan Harmony Collection III Amber Meadow | Image: The Macallan
The Macallan Harmony Collection III Amber Meadow | Image: The Macallan

The Macallan Harmony Collection III Amber Meadow

Scott Purcell – Co-Founder

If you aren’t aware, The Macallan’s Harmony releases are limited edition annual drops that celebrate the iconic label’s sustainability efforts. The collection aims to bring innovation to packaging by using organic by-products and repurposing them for good use… delivering whisky! The third release in the Harmony Collection was created in collaboration with Stella and Mary McCartney and it does not disappoint.

When I first tried it, it was surprisingly approachable for a Macallan scotch. It has a lighter amber and almost rose-like colour, along with all the notes you would expect on the nose. There is a sweet honeycomb top that strongly reminded me of Glenmorangie’s citrus style and finish. As for the packaging, The Macallan explained that discarded meadow cuttings were used in the presentation box and bottle labels, which is where the name comes from. Most of this is sold out so you’ll have to be lucky to find it anywhere on shelves!

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Victorinox Lexicon Framed Series Large Hardside Case | Image: Victorinox
Victorinox Lexicon Framed Series Large Hardside Case | Image: Victorinox

Victorinox Lexicon Framed Series Large Hardside Case

Harry Parsons – Senior Branded Content Manager

I have just returned from an incredible holiday in Japan, and the holiday blues are well and truly kicking in. From skiing in Niseko to shopping in Shibuya, Shinjuku, and Ginza, the amount of luggage I needed over the trip was enormous and the task of getting it all together stressed me out. As an avid skier, I was lugging all my gear overseas, and as an avid shopper, I needed space to accommodate the many sprees I was about to embark on.

The main item I took with me that had my back the whole time was Victorinox’s Lexicon Hardside luggage case, which I was lucky enough to be sent before my trip. Let me tell you, this luggage could pack my entire wardrobe and then some! Featuring a new patented moulding technology, Victorinox has been able to create a product that truly maximizes space. No more buying extra baggage, no more stress about bringing the five various outfits that I probably won’t wear. It truly made the holiday stress-free. Speaking of outfits, there were a few collared shirts I wanted to take on the trip, yet I knew I wouldn’t be bothered to iron when I got there. Pleasingly, the Lexicon’s full suiter feature kept my collared shirts crisp and wrinkle-free, no matter how much I packed.

Now let’s talk about sturdiness because we all know that luggage bags can take an absolute beating at the airport. I had multiple layovers across various airline providers, so this case saw its fair share of luggage handler hospitality. There wasn’t a single dent or scratch – I even had to search for any signs of wear. This durability I attribute to the aluminium frame, 100% virgin polycarbonate, and brushed silver finish, making this case one that I will own for a lifetime.

With so much back-and-forth travel, I wanted to ensure that all my belongings were safe, so it was comforting having the Travel Sentry Approved combination locks on there. And since the case is zipperless and utilizes clasps, I didn’t have to do the usual ‘sit on the bag to compress it so you could close it’ routine, you know the exact moment I’m talking about. It was simply pack, zip the internal dividers, close the case, secure the clasps, and I was ready to go. How good!

Now, you can probably tell by now that this case really blew me away, but one last thing I want to mention is the style. Rivalling some other popular luggage brands, this case looks mint. The brushed aluminium and case body design had me strutting through the airport as if I were on a runway. I was travelling with the Large Hardside Case, which currently retails for $1,100. Honestly, if you are an avid traveller or just love packing your entire wardrobe, this case is worth every single penny.

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Zagg screen protector
This screen protector saved my new iPhone 15 Pro Max | Image: Ben McKimm / Man of Many

ZAGG Glass XTR3 Screen Protector

Ben McKimm – Journalist

I was walking to work a few weeks back and dropped my phone. There’s no worse feeling because you know you’re going to look at that broken screen and think about how life could be different if you were smart enough to put a $60 screen protector on your $3,000 phone. Only this time, I was smart enough.

Until this painful moment, I didn’t care that I had a Zagg Glass XTR3 screen protector on my phone. It was just there doing its job, filtering blue light (RPF60), and improving the depth of colour with its anti-reflective technology. However, after dropping the phone, it was clear the protector paid for itself tenfold. It cracked, took the brunt of the impact, and saved the corner of my phone and its screen. If you’ve got your hands on a new iPhone make sure you get one of these. They work!

adidas Samba Deco SPZL | Image: adidas
adidas Samba Deco SPZL | Image: adidas

adidas Samba Deco SPZL

Rob Edwards – Branded Content Editor

Despite one of my colleagues proclaiming that they look like a Monster Energy drink in shoe form, I’m a big fan of this Spezial take on the Samba. Sambas have been enjoying their moment in the sun for quite some time now, but the downside is that every man, woman, and even the odd child seems to be wearing a pair of the black or white Samba OG trainers. So, if you want to stand out, a little bright green goes a long way.

Drawing inspiration from a rare training shoe of the 1970s, this edition stands apart from other Sambas in more than just the choice of colour. It’s marked by a deco stitch on the toecap for a twist on the classic Samba T-toe design, while the eye stay and heel moustache have also been tweaked, the latter of which now features the SPZL range’s signature branding of the Spezial logo on the right heel and the adidas trefoil on the left.

The whole package comes together by pairing a perfectly retro design with a distinctly modern colourway – even if some might say they look like they want to “unleash the beast”.

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Belkin BoostCharge Hybrid Wall Charger + Power Bank | Image: Belkin
Belkin BoostCharge Hybrid Wall Charger + Power Bank | Image: Belkin

Belkin BoostCharge Hybrid Wall Charger + Power Bank

John Guanzon – Head of Social

I love a hybrid, 2-in-1 product. The Fridge and freezer combo, 2-in-1 shampoo and conditioner, mop slippers. Some of the best products invented are multi-functional. Belkin has recently come out with a wall charger that, when not plugged into a wall socket, doubles as a portable power bank. It makes for the perfect pocket-sized travel companion for those long transits or when you’re out and about snapping happy holiday pics and in need of an extra battery boost.

You can use it as a power bank when you’re on the go and then a wall charger when back at your hotel, so you’ll never see that dreaded low-battery notification while travelling. The charger is ready to go with interchangeable plug types needed for international travel included, too, so you’re covered anywhere in the world.

The multi-functional fast charger features integrated PD3.1 PPS technology and provides high-speed safe charging to almost all USB and PD-enabled devices, with USB-C and USB-A ports available to use simultaneously. I’ll admit, I’ve been caught out a few times while overseas, without a travel adapter or desperately scouring the airport for a USB port for some much-needed phone juice, so this hybrid wall charger + power bank will be at the top of my packing list on my next trip away.

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Strange Luxury Barrier Balance Cream | Image: Strange Luxury
Strange Luxury Barrier Balance Cream | Image: Strange Luxury

Strange Luxury Barrier Balance Cream

Dayna Aspite – Branded Content Associate

As someone who has super sensitive and dry skin, I went into using this product as a non-believer. Founded by Bella Geminder, Strange Luxury is stealing the skincare spotlight for challenging the luxury norms and I’m all here for it!

When Strange Luxury said it’s for all skin types, even the most sensitive, they meant it. I’ve been using this cream for a little while now and I’ve noticed a difference in my skin’s hydration since day 1. The blend is getting all the ticks of skin care approval with its inclusion of hyaluronic acid, vitamin E, aloe vera and shea butter. From first experience, this cream felt velvety and weightless on the skin. I find most night time creams are heavy and cause breakouts overnight. But this cream is far from it- skin remains hydrated with no irritation.

If you’re the type to skip out on skin care, I highly recommend a good moisturiser that’s weightless, can be worn AM or PM and is going to give you good looking skin even while you’re at work or asleep. Reach for Strange Luxury’s best seller, the Barrier Balance Cream.

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Cicco Italian Restaurant | Image: Suppied
Cicco Italian Restaurant | Image: Suppied

Cicco Italian Restaurant

Naman Singh – Content & SEO Specialist

One of the more authentic Italian experiences in Sydney, Cicco is the little Italy in the southern suburbs of Sydney which delivers on taste, atmosphere, hospitality and generosity of portions.

We started off with a house focaccia which was fragrant and warm, followed by a traditional margarita pizza which was everything you would expect from an Italian trattoria – simple in it’s execution but yet so flavoursome and satisfying. The refreshing glass of mimosa complimented the rest of the meal perfectly.

Cicco is one of those places you would attend when you want to enjoy a dining experience which you know you can’t be disappointed by simply because it sticks to what it does best. Pair this with an alfresco setting, with fairy lights and warm service from the staff, you have the perfect recipe for a truly enjoyable summer evening.

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Zomoz mezcal
Image: Zomoz Mezcal

Zomoz Mezcal

Jacob Osborn – Staff Writer

This 100% Espadin agave mezcal is as quintessential as they come in terms of background and flavour profile alike. It’s made in Oaxaca by Maestra Mezcalera Isabel Santiago, who carries forth a family operation that’s four generations in the making. As per tradition, Santiago and her team of artisans roast espadin hearts in an underground stone oven before milling them with a tahona. Natural fermentation is followed by double-distillation in copper stills and the spirit is also double-filtered before bottling at 40% ABV.

From this timeless production process comes a pure Mezcal in every sense of the concept. Its sweet and flowery nose gives way to similar notes on the palate, where subtle earthiness and creamy smokiness enter the fold. The finish brings in notes of black pepper and lime peel to round out the multi-faceted tasting. Meanwhile, a supreme sense of balance persists from the first whiff to the final sip. Quintessential, indeed.

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