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A woman walking away holding her sandals and red dress with a man sleeping in bed in background

What Do Women Want from a One Night Stand?

Generally speaking we know what sort of man women want to have sex with: the sort of man who isn’t us. But some enterprising scientists – from women’s fertility app Clue Research – have decided to look a little more forensically into the issue, and come up with some intriguing facts about what women are looking for in a one-night stand.

For many men, the first bit of good news is that there are lots of women who want a one-night stand. Beyond that, the researchers questioned 68,000 heterosexual women on what they wanted from “the kind you’d only want for a single evening”. Studying their answers, they found a few reliable indicators that might help the lovelorn male get a little action.

First, get a trim. The survey found women prefer short haircuts and hairless chests. Which is a bit of a chore, but hey, you want sex or not?

Second, be tall. Women like tall men. If you’re not tall…well, sorry, we guess.

Third, be average. An average body is apparently the preference women express when it comes to a brief fling. Better news than the height thing, even if it is suspiciously counterintuitive. And cheeringly, the inclination towards the average also applies to the man’s…equipment.

Lastly, cut out the clever talk. You might think being smart will win you points with the ladies, but most women in the survey indicated that intelligence was not a consideration when it came to one-night stands. So cheer up, dummies!