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Kinkiest cities

The World’s Kinkiest Cities Have Been Named

Say what you will about the Harbour City’s nightlife (spoiler: it sucks), but it turns out, we feeble-minded folk apparently just don’t know where to look. According to a new study out of the UK, Sydney is actually the ninth-kinkiest city in the world, courtesy of its surprisingly booming one-hour hotel lineup and rapidly growing OnlyFans community. In fact, the notoriously boring capital renowned for its steel structures and unaffordable housing even beat off out the likes of Amsterdam and Vienna, a city that used brothel tickets to encourage vaccinations, in the kinky stakes. However, while the revelation that Sydneysiders are a bunch of closeted horndogs did come as a surprise, there were no prizes for picking who came out on top.

Kinky cities

World’s Kinkiest Cities

Despite a strong showing from the adult playground Las Vegas, the top spot on the kinky scale went to the UK city of London, which scored a whopping 72.2 out of 80. According to The Bottle Club’s research, 167,197 people in London are signed up to fetish sites, with the city hosting 131 sex events and over 10,000 people in the city making money on OnlyFans. Vegas came in second, however, it was The Big Apple that proved to be a major surprise. Had it not been for a dire performance in the Pornstar Names category, New York could have very well wound up as the kinkiest city in the world. With that in mind, here is The Bottle Club’s list of the World’s Kinkiest Cities for 2022.

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Amsterdam’s Red Light District

The Critique of Kink

Compiled by UK-based alcohol retailer The Bottle Club, the Kinkiest Cities Index dives deep into the driving culture and sentiment around sex and sexual liberation across the globe. Taking into account a number of key metrics, including the number of strip clubs, propensity for sex events, champagne bars and one-hour hotels, before giving a ranking for each city out of 10. Adding those figures together, The Bottle Club was left with an ultimate score out of 80 that determined a city’s ‘kinkiness’ and finalised their placing on the global scale.

It goes without saying, but it’s important to remember the system is flawed from the get-go, with the critique an inherently subjective take on the matter. That being said, however, it does raise some interesting points. For instance, how on earth Sydney managed to rank higher on the kinky scale than Barcelona or Miami? Or why Tokyo, the city where used panties are available for purchase in street-side vending machines, has a lower ranking than Toronto? According to The Bottle Club, however, there is method to the madness.


Adding some credibility to the study, The Bottle Club turned to a series of data entry points from around the globe for the ranking. The retailer claims it took a seed list of the top 30 major cities worldwide, before addressing a number of different factors that make each city seductive. These factors for the included;

  • Number of Strip clubs
  • Number of people attending Sex Parties
  • Number of Sex searches
  • Number of Swingers
  • Aphrodisiac Interest
  • Aphrodisiac Drink Interest
  • Number of people having Affairs
  • Number of Restaurants that sell Champagne
  • Number of Speed Dating events
  • Number of Restaurants that sell Oysters
  • Number of porn stars with City Name
  • Number of 1-hour Hotels
  • Number of people on Only fans in City

To collect the data, The Bottle Club used figures from UK leading affairs site, Illicit Encounters, Google searches for ‘sex’, number of speed dating events, searches for aphrodisiac food and drink, and information from Fetlife, Pornhub and OnlyFinder.

General FAQs

What is the kinkiest city in the world?

According to a study from UK-based online alcohol retailer The Bottle Club, London is the kinkiest city in the world. This comes after an extensive reviews of 20 of the world's top tier cities, ranked on propensity for sex events, search for sex, affairs and a host of other metrics.

Why is Las Vegas called Sin City?

Las Vegas is know as Sin City, not because of it's gambling industry, but more so because of the city's original red light district was Blocks 16 and 17. Now the entire region receives the colloquial nickname.

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